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So you’ve been surfing the web and come across a certain program called Income Infuser which promises you wealth within the first three months of using it. How on earth could you possibly say no to such an opportunity!
Income Infuser scam is among one of the best crafted frauds on the internet at the moment and hopefully you won’t be one of the fools who gets dragged into their web of lies and deceit.

Although the entire design may seem legit, anyone who has a little experience on the internet will be able to notice how badly this website resembles every other scam landing page online.

Upon opening up the Income Infuser website, you will notice a seemingly cool video. This may get you thinking that the creator of the Income Infuser program has invested quite some time and money into building the landing page. So who is behind the Income Infuser scam? Darren Salkeld is the creator of Income Infuser as well as another scam that has been floating around on the internet called Instant Income Plan.

Just like his first money making scheme, the Income Infuser will not stop at the initial payment of $47. In fact, after you pay this fee, you will be brought to other cool looking videos and more landing pages asking you to spend thousands of dollars to become an actual member of his “elite” group. If you get looped into paying the thousands of dollars that he asks for, you will then have to spend hundreds of dollars for the rights to use his landing pages as an official affiliate.

That’s right, the Income Infuser program is nothing more than an affiliate network program where you will have a slim to nothing chance of even making a dime. The only way you can make any sort of money is by roping others into the scam so that you can break even.

Investing in this the Income Infuser scam is just like burning your money in a fire pit and hoping to win the lottery. Darren Salkeld even goes as far as stating on his landing pages that thetestimonials on his website are far from realistic and only the extraordinary exceptions could ever hope to make that kind of money. Let this be a warning to all of you, Darren Salkeld is a scammer and his Income Infuser program is a debt waiting to happen.

Furthermore, the main focus of his program after investing thousands of dollars relies on the ClickBank program. ClickBank is a free affiliate marketing network where you will never have to pay a dime. Salkeld tries telling you how you can succeed more easily with ClickBank affiliate links; the program is nothing more than that. So the final decision lies in your hands, but if I were you, I’d avoid any existing or future program with the name Darren Salkeld as the promoter. Income Infuser deserves its spot in our long list of scams.

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