Google Sniper Review Problems

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I'm digging into Google Sniper even more now as it is a heavily promoted affiliate marketing training program. From what I can tell so far, the program initially worked very well and received a lot of positive reviews.

The problem is that subsequent versions of the program didn't always make it clear which parts of the training were outdated and which were current. I have a very detailed writeup about all of this here:


As I mentioned in another post I was hoping to be able to compile various positive and negative reviews and try to do a summary of them all. One thing's for sure, the way this training is promoted is extremely hyped-up. Also, I found the whole monthly charges aspect of the program baffling. That's something I'm going to research and review further.

OK. Well, figuring out how to explain the problem with the various reviews of Google Sniper isn't as easy as I had hoped. I wish I could just call the program a scam outright - and probably there are some here that would have no trouble doing so. The problem is that if you take out the outdated parts of the product, it can still work...I don't know, maybe I'm being to generous to George Brown, the creator of the program...OK. I probably am.

Anyhow, we now have a thread here at RealScam dedicated to covering the Google Sniper program. Hopefully we can get other people who have done reviews of the program to chime in. I HOPE that we get people who have posted BOTH positive and negative reviews of the program so that we can have a lively debate. This is a VERY heavily promoted program, so it would be good to get a wide variety of opinions on it.

You can read the post at RealScam about George Brown's Google Sniper here.

Google Sniper Wiki

I'm putting together a wiki for this program to try to track all of the different versions of the program, complaints, and real and fake reviews. The wiki is here. I'll keep adding to that over time and take the most relevant information from it and put it into the forum discussion here at RealScam.
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