Access Income Institute Scam

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I've found out more about this scam since I first posted about it in my initial warning here (which I recommend you read). Here are the most important things you need to know:

  • The company behind the site has a presence in Panama
  • The company has run many other scams, including one called Home Profit Web - you can see how big of a mess that was here.
  • The company running AccessIncomeInstitute.com has been known to operate out of Switzerland as well. Because of the countries that you operate out of it makes it next to impossible for you to get your money back directly from the company.

Here's what one person said about the company running Access Income Institute (about one of their previous "products"):
"I did the same mistake lured by their catchy display. I paid $97.95 by credit card. Then its the video keep going without any package sent to me and asking another $195 for the product. I am convinced that they cannot be trusted. USA government should investigate this fraud."
You can read additional information at RealScam about Access Income Institute here.
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