Breakout Incomes Scam

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If you were one of the unlucky people to get scammed by Fortune Agency Online, you'll recognize this new scam called Breakout Incomes, which appears to be by the same company. You can tell that your in trouble any time you are asked to enter your phone number on the first page of a multiple page sales process. The ONLY reason your phone number is collected is so that you can be relentlessly hounded by high-pressure sales people trying to get you to buy thousands of dollars worth of worthless coaching and other "products".

In my recent Breakout Incomes warning I also noted a few other strange elements of this new version of the old scam - including some question about whether the "rebate" is actually an instant rebate or a mail-in rebate. In other words, when the scam victim clicks the order button, are they charged $99 or $199? The site doesn't make that clear at all and I'm not about to test it out.

The BBB report for Freedom Agency Online is showing New Online Incomes as a related site as well, which is correct. I had a warning about New Online Incomes posted back in September of 2011 here.
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