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The Online Success Plan claims to be run by a "Millionaire Group" that has decided to share its "Secrets and Profits". I originally ran across it at a fake news site, so I decided to a bit more research. I'm still in the process of doing additional research, but you can read what I have figured out so far here:


So far I have more questions than answers. The site mysuccessplanonline.com appears to be the main site promoting The Online Success plan. There is also a domain mossuccess.com which redirects to the MySuccessPlanOnline .com site. Apparently the Online Success Plan has to do with a something called The Millionaire OS or The Millionaire Operating System.

If you have experience with any of this, please share your experience in the comments section at the bottom of this page:

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  1. littleroundman's Avatar

    You can read the original article here on Work at Home Truth
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  2. JustTooMuchTime's Avatar
    I just did a search and saw that I posted about the Millionaire Operating System here at RealScam in April of 2014. Here's the discussion thread:

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  3. Occe1967's Avatar

    Rock The Stock
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