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The Internet Careers Online Site at Internet-Careers-Online.com claims that it's the #1 choice for an "Internet Career". Exactly who deemed it the "#1 choice" is anybody's guess...oh wait, I'm pretty sure it was "Internet Careers Online" that made that decision.

But what is it exactly? It's simply the latest link-posting scam in a long line of link-posting scams going all the way back to 2007/2008.

Here's how the program CLAIMS it works (don't worry, I'll tell you how it REALLY works - you won't be happy):

"Step #1: Get your unique tracking code for online and offline placements.
Step #2: Place the ads (we show you where and how)
Step #3: Login and see how much money you have made."

If you want to see how misleading these claims are, check out the Home Business Red Flag Priority checklist at RealScam. here.

You'll also find Kelly Scott's name on the list of fake bizop names here at RealScam. In that list the name is used to promote an old version of Internet Careers Online called Home Internet Careers.
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