Reddit Mods are really TEFL Job Recruiters of huge China Job Scam networking with Rosie Tang crime network

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Recently it was discovered and exposed that the biggest scam recruiter in China Rebecca Tang (aka Rosie Tang, Rose Tang, Ruby Tang, etc) was a moderator at one of Reddits largest TEACHING subs when every question or comment raised about her 12 alias companies in China was being deleted (censored) within minutes of posting. Even a simple question like "Who owns Foreign HR job agency in Beijing, Chna". got zapped with no explanation. Users were puzzled by this at first abd then protested. First one then 2, 3, 5 and eventually about a sozen users. All of them got banned by the moderator "PhantomAandARose". Thes users banned by her in less than one week. Some of the users had been reddit members from 1 to 4 years. Everyoine who tried to expose her her except three users were banned without any explanation: Anyone who tried to post this link in the TEFL or CHINA JOB subs was then targeted for a brigade of recruiters who would make false complaints to the Admins. so they could get the comments removed or the users banned. If you do not believe it, just try it yourself. Log onto Reddit and try posting this OP link or even these Reddit links in any of these subs: TEACHERS, TEFL, CHINA JOBS, or CHINA. Then count how many minutes it takes to get your comment deleted!

She has a network of Reddit users planted in the TEFL, TEACHERS, & CHINA JOB subs (maybe others - only time will tell) and they hunt for newbie teachers that stumble onto the subs and ask an innocent question like "How much will an apartment cost me in Shanghai?" or "What do I need to know about working in JIangsu province?". Posts like is like chumminng the waters for all the sharks that beseige the users with PMs personal messages that after one or two exchanges of personal messages get recommended to contact the below companies with this comment "anyone of the below agencies can help get going with a good job in China" and off course these are all the scam companies owned by Rosie Tang and/or her partners/agents:












The PMs seem friendly and innocent because they appear to be reccommending MANY recruiters when in fact they all lead back to the scammer Rosie Tang whose complete history of cheating foreigners is explained in detail her at this link with her photo showing her latest "look". China Foreign Teachers Union offers 1,000 rmb Reward For Legal Name Of This Chinese Scam Artist "Rosie" Using 14 Different Alias Names | Open Letter. By the way, China Scam Patrol recently said her real family name is Liu, which is confrimed by this old China Daily newspaper article about her. Even though she was arrested and jailed for a year after pleading guilty to fraud and extortion, the courts of China will not release her real name nor her files (criminal records are not public in China).

So now it is up to individual Reddit users to send this link to others and warn them to ignore the many PMS they will get on these three Reddit subs. Other subs like, and r/teflscams, and r/eslscams tries to expose this scheme but those subs have only one-tenth the users of the subs where Rosie and her 10-15 agents lurk. Reddit Mods Include China Job Agents hiding truth about arrests of foreign TEFL & ESL teachers for illegal visas | Open Letter

So why do they do this? Because if they do not censor the negatives and down-side of working in China, it becomes very difficult for them to recruit new teachers to go there, especially when Korea and Singapor schools pay almost double and triple without all the scams. These recruiter agents (many do not even live in China) make from $1,000 to $3,000 for every teacher they recruit and even more money if they can persuade them to buy a fake university diploma or TEFL certificate. This moron below is one of many Rosie's agents who gets paid (amount unknown at this time ) to make videos like this one and to post comments on Reddit that say things like;

"I have been teaching in China for six years and nobody ever asked to see my passport" (impossible)

" took care of all my needs, and all I had to do was pick up my visa and jump on a plane."

"Rosie was very friendly and helpful and the apartment she gave was free and right next to the subway station."

What he doesn't tell people is that dear Rosie also skims 30%-66% of teacher's salaries and the dumb gullible newbies will not even know for months!


If you want this woman Rosie stopped, send this OP link to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman at: or link this OP in your favorite ESL or TEFL forum so you can at least warn others to avoid this TEFL job trap in China. DO not listen to any China job recruiter that tells you to lie on your visa application - that is a felony crime in YOUR country and using fake diplomas and tefl certificates in China gives you a 50% chance of being arrested and thrown into a Chinese jail for thirty days. To get out youhave to pay a $2,000 cash fine (they don't take credit cards or bank wires) and as soon as you pay the money you are handed a deportation order and you will be escorted to the airport within 10 days even if you ar emarried to a Chinese spouse or enrolled at a local university. You will go home as a convicted criminal with a permanent criminal record and you will not be allowed to return to China for 5 years. Worst of all you get flagged in all the immigration computers of 167 countries as an "ILLEGAL MIGRANT WORKER" and you will never get a travel visa again, even to take a vacation in Jamaica! Read:
And as you can see, this is not the first tine this problem has been exposed at Reddit:
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