1. China's government now "super serious" about arresting fake foreign TEFL teachers using phony diplomas & TEFL certificat


    We all knew this was coming - it was only a matter of time. A strike force of PSB agents and SAFEA clerks are now hunting down the estimated 10,000 fake foreign teachers now working illegally in China with fake diplomas, phony TEFL certificates and even forged police certificates they bought from their dodgy recruiters - so deperate to make a buck that they do not care if their clients get busted or not.
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  2. SCAM ALERT! Fake China Foreign Teacher Job Ads With Phony Average Salaries - Beware Expats!

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    Want some excitement? Come swim with the sharks in China as a foreign teacher! If you google "Teach In China" you will be instantly overwhelmed with 39 pages of alluring ads telling how great, fun, and easy it is to make a ton of money teaching English in China even if you have no college degree. It is all total bullshit. The below links will prove it for you. You see all those wonderful ads are posted by the sneaky shark recruiters and identity
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