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A Life Aloft
03-08-2011, 10:29 PM
While I am not an AirBus fan at all, I am posting the recent story of the AB380 and it's RR Trent engine issues. I had no idea that there were two Captain check airmen on board during this flight. What I will say, is the the Captain flying PIC, did an incredible job of dealing with the hundreds and I mean hundreds of cascading equipment and system failures caused by the engine explosion and in landing the aircraft safely - especially with just foot brakes considering the size and tonnage involved. He must have really stood on those puppies. lol Also, while I saw several photos after his landing of the AB, this is the first time that all the details and a very detailed photographic look has been shown of exactly how extensive the damage that occured really was. The structual damage alone is really disturbing.

The saftey record of Qantas stands on it's own, is the best in the industry and has been for decades. Their training and on going training in my opinion is the best of any Commerial Carrier on the planet. They are also extremely discerning in who they hire as a pilot and their qualifications and standards are also higher than other carriers. Currently some of the best pilots in the world fly for Qantas. They are the Eastern and Pan Am Airlines in that respect of modern times.

Oh and LRM I think you may have missed a video that I posted of Aussie pilot Matt Hall in the Red Bull thread. (last post). Another lousy pilot. (jk)