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11-02-2017, 07:45 AM

Steer clear of these guys, total frauds. SAD!


Frankly My Dear...
11-10-2017, 06:24 PM
I call bullshit on your post and me thinks you are probably one of the many blacklisted China job agents outed by the CFTU on their website. Also, you provide no solid evidence or proof of your claims - just an unsupported assertion. Also consider the following;

- Scam have victims. Victims scream and complain. This outfit has been around for years. Where are the victims Bubba?

- The CFTU doesn't sell or promote anything. There is no membership fee or any moneys involved. How do you scam when there is no moneys involved?

- The information they have been putting out is valid and accurate as the links on their blacklist at China Foreign Teacher News, Updates, & Scam Alerts (http://www.chinaforeignteachersunion.com) document fairly well.

- Consider your source - The beijinger which was outed for taking ad monies from known scammers like Gi2c, China ESL, Rosie Tang, etc. They also have an ax to grind. (Home (http://chinascamwatch.org)) The other people who started trashing them was echinacities right after they were exposed for selling resumes to anyone including identity thieves. (http://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com)

Anyway, I looked at these links and concluded you are out for revenge, plain and simple.


Search | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/search/node/CFTU)

Public Notice: CFTU impersonator trying to sabotage our operations with false spoof posts | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/public-notice-cftu-impersonator-trying-sabotage-our-operations-false-spoof-posts)

From what I can see they have exposed over 500 China scammers over the last five years so far. I also don't see any of them denying the allegations aside form Gi2c which has changed their name 5 times in the last six years. Nice try pal.

11-10-2017, 07:01 PM
I call bullshit

We should take all these China treads consolidate them with the conspiracy threads from the same gaggle of posters and push the delete button. I can't image they are helping anyone planning on teaching in China which is a shame, but children will be children.