View Full Version : Gi2c Scam Owner is a wanted Fugitive in Belarus. His real name is Sergei - not Yuri Khlystov

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09-02-2017, 03:03 AM

Considering everything else we already know about this 10-year-old China Job scam and all their alias companies, I was not too shocked to learn today that Yuri is not a Russian and he is not a Yuri. He is really Sergei Khlystov and he is a citizen of Belarus wanted since 2005 for fraud. I read the below post and am surprised that I never knew this myself although when I worked for him I did know that his dad often visited and the two of them spoke in Finnish which I thought was weird since they always told us all they were from Moscow. Those who still do not know about Gi2c... they also masquerade as Laowai Career Center, Getin2China, Laowai Career Center, Better Careers, etc. and their specialty is bait and switch job frauds.

This is cut and pasted from what I read about an hour ago:

This is a very costly scam that is very sophisticated and believable. over 2,000 victims have complained on Reddit.com, Scam.com, RealScam.com, EslWatch.info, and OpnLttr.com. They are professional Bait & Switch con artists who will offer you a AAA job with great pay and then after you arrive in China and show up for work you find that job no longer exists or there is allegedly a "hiring freeze". They then persuade you to teach English at insulting salaries until the great job becomes available!

The owner says his name is Yuri and he is from Russia. Neither is true however. His real name is Sergei and he is a citizen of Belarus where he has been a wanted fugitive since 2005.


Is Laowai Career Center really a China Job Scam using many aliases? Here are 36 Reviews - YOU be the judge! | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/laowai-career-center-really-china-job-scam-using-many-aliases-here-are-36-reviews-you-be)

Gi2c.org Reviews - Scamorg.com (http://www.scamorg.com/gi2c-org-38). They claim to be ten years old but their website was registered in 2014.

There were literally over 200 complaints about them online but they employ a full-time hacker named Igor and this is how he keeps hiding the complaints http://chinascamreport.wordpress.com. Please warn your friends.

The Turk
09-06-2017, 09:48 PM
History of Gi2c from beginning to end on one graphic...