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Frankly My Dear...
08-16-2017, 10:09 PM

In the last 9 months 3 different TEFL & ESL teacher job recruiters, including a convicted felon (the famous Rebecca Tang - now "Rosie" Tang) were exposed as being moderators of very large TEFL, teachers, China Job, and now TEFL_Blacklist subs. So what you say? Well these mds have about 30 sock puppet accounts between them and lets say that someone points out the fact that "the law in China requires that foreign employees have a 4 year university degree and a z visa". That post will get deleted quickly and the newbiw who had posted the original question asking about teaching requirements in China will get 3-5 PMs within 5-12 hours with various recommendations and referrals - all to scam agents wanting to sell them fake university degrees, phony tefl certificates, and black market visas, anyone of which can and will eventually get them arrested and deported with a criminal record. But the recruiters don't give a **** about anything other than the $3,000 they will make off of their victim, plus they will skim maybe 30% - 50% of their salary as well.

So who are the mods? There are 5 that are suspected and three that were caught as you can see here at these links:

Reddit Mods Include China Job Agents hiding truth about arrests of foreign TEFL & ESL teachers for illegal visas | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/reddit-mods-include-china-job-agents-hiding-truth-about-arrests-foreign-tefl-esl-teachers)




Some teachers are trying to fight back and exposed the moderator corruption but it seems to be like they are playing that "Whack-A-Mole" game or pushing a boulder up a mountain. Maybe it is just best to for teachers just to ignore PMs altogether or find a forumor sub where you do not get solicited. TEFL Teachers uniting at new Reddit Sub r/TEFLScams to shrink victim count of Korea and China Job Scams as moderator fraud surfaces... | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/tefl-teachers-uniting-new-reddit-sub-rteflscams-shrink-victim-count-korea-and-china-job-scams)