View Full Version : Poetic Justice for China Scam artists Rosie Tang & Brett Van Zeller - Arrested for fake documents

07-16-2017, 07:50 PM

This is both refreshing and ironic news. The two people most responsible for getting over 1500 expats working illegally in China arrested and deported with fake documents sold by Rosie and Brett, were themselves arrested by the PSB (the second time for Rosie - who was previousl arrested in 2015 as Rebecca Tang). The bad news is that now both parties are now fully cooperating with the coppers to keep their asses out of jail. The news is coming from a former employee of Rosie who apparently refused to help contact a lawyer for Rosie and Brett after she was advised by the PSB "not to get involved". Apparently some sting operation was used and now police have recovered the phone and email logs that supposedly contain the identity ove over 10,000 expats who bought fake diplomas and TEFL certificates from them as well as some people who also bought Fake Chinese drivers licenses. The Chinese cops are going to busy - and happy since they now get 1,000 yuan bonuses for every illegal worker they take into custody! Thank you Rosie and Brett!

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