View Full Version : Packers, Steelers Weigh In With 13 300 pounders

Doc Bunkum
02-02-2011, 05:44 PM
Casey Hampton, the Steelers nose tackle, is listed at 325 pounds. He's one of 26 players on the Green Bay and Pittsburgh Super Bowl rosters who tip the scale at more than 300 pounds an eye-popping number made even more startling when you put it in historical context.

Green Bay's first Super Bowl team, 45 years ago, didn't have a guy heavier than 265 pounds.

According to stats provided to The Associated Press by Stats LLC, there was one 300-pound player in the league in 1970, three in 1980, 94 in 1990, 301 in 2000 and 394 at the start of last season.

Gee, do you think there's something funny going on here? :RpS_scared:

The NFL apparently doesn't like to answer questions about this sort of thing. :RpS_wink: