View Full Version : Hampson English is Salary Scammer of Foreign TEFL Teachers in China - Beware

Frankly My Dear...
05-13-2017, 05:32 PM

I briefly went to work for these sneaky bandits until I realized the game they are playing with wages. They deliberately hire people on illegal "90-day probationary periods" which according to Chinese labor laws can only be with a 3 year contracts. Dor one year contracts, a Chinese employer can only have a 30 day probationary period and full wages must be paid during this period unless the employee consents to reduced wages. I never consented to reduced wages. They also hire all new people (except American citizens) on a part-time basis by telling people they can make more money with part time pay of 150 per hour than 15,000 per month (ssuming they give you 40 hours or more). But they will NEVER give you more than 39 hours so they do not have to give you expensive medical insurance, sick leave, maternity leave, holiday, and vacation pay. Then they use fake tax deductions at the rate of 25% of your pay. The problem is that the taxes are only 18% by law on wages exceeding the exempt amount of 4,800 per month. Yet they underreport the wages earned to the tax bureau and on at some locations (they have 18 locations in China) they pay no taxes at all! So when pay day rolls around, Hampson teachers take home about 60% of what they were told they would earn! In short they have mastered the "silent scam" made famous in China https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?642187-The-Silent-Scam-Cheats-China-Expats-amp-Foreign-ESL-amp-TEFL-Teachers-Out-of-40-Of-Their-Wages. I also learned from the CTA that Hampson English pays thes 4th lowest wages of over 223 private schools in China! When I caught them playing games my pay I had to threaten to go to CCTV news before they agreed to settle and they want me to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. I verbally agreed to do this in order to get 50% of what I calculated they owed me. But now it has been over 3 months and my GF inisted that I warn others.

Insider Guest
05-14-2017, 03:39 PM
Teachers at Reddit.com really hate this school which is rated in the top 10 worst places for expats in China to work. Just search Hampson English at Reddit and give your own opinion. They sure spent a lot of money decorating their offices from what I can see.