View Full Version : 7 China blacklists now name & shame scam recruiters, scam Chinese schools, companies, sellers

China Dude
04-08-2017, 06:36 PM

Interpol says an average of 80 people are scammed every minute in or from China which puts them ahead of Nigeria as the scam capital of the world. But these 7 web sites help identify at least 389 of the worst offenders that can save us all a lot of grief and money. If any of your friends deal with China in any way, send them this link before they become a victim too.




China Foreign Teacher Wages Salary Pay & Earnings Facts - 2013 (http://www.chinascambusters.com)

Home (http://chinascamwatch.org)



Also be aware there is some blogger using the name "Stephanie" that was hired by China scammers to convince people that China is no longer a problem for scams and her blogs will often embed links directly to the scammer's web site saying that "this is just one of the many safe recruiters, exporter, companies, schools, etc that have been vetted by the embassies" which is total BS. No embassyvets any entity in China for the public. At present "Stephanie" is working for a China job and internship scammer and you can learn more about her here: https://eslwatch.info/en/reviews/recruitment-reviews/1308-asia-reviews-recruitment/china-in-asia-recruitment/20330-laowai-career-center-recruiter-china.html