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Using their 6th name in the last five years, the Russain scammer Yuri Khlystov is back with an expanded mission and budget. Now they are not only offering the old worthless China internships we discussed before in other threads, but now he expanded his ops to offer over 800 cut and pasted China jobs that he took from legitimate HR job boards and mixed them in with twice as many really juicy high-pay job that he fabricated so his gullible victims will identify themselves by sending in a thousand resumes a week for a job like "MNC company in Beijing requires native English speaker for Training Manager Position - $60,000 + Furnished Apartment". Who would not want such a great job?

His sales people try to shake down applicants for a $299 "processing & application" fee, but will "waive" it if the applicant balks and protests too much. They have far more clever ways to milk their customers as you can see here:

Gi2C China Internship | Abroad Reviews (http://www.abroadreviews.com/gi2c-china-internship)

Fake Gi2C China Internship Testimonials & Reviews Mislead & Lure Scam Victims | Open Letter (http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/fake-gi2c-china-internship-testimonials-reviews-mislead-lure-scam-victims)



Laowai Career Center & 189 other black scam agencies get more than 2,500 foreign China TEFL Teachers arrested & deported | Open Letter (http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/laowai-career-center-189-other-black-scam-agencies-get-more-2500-foreign-china-tefl-teachers)



Getin2China aka Gi2C China Internship Scam Via Pakistan Boiler Room! - Scamalot (http://www.scamalot.com/ScamTipReports/23074)

Gi2c.org Reviews - Scamorg.com (http://www.scamorg.com/gi2c-org-38)

The comments of "British Gypsy" here are priceless: https://eslwatch.info/en/eslwatch-forum/china/756-old-russian-gi2c-scam-artist-is-back-laowai-career-center-new-china-job-scam.html and this explains how China Job Applicants are even treated to a Skype interview by "The HR Director" often a role played by Yuri himself on the phone.

Technically, the only law Yuri may be breaking IN CHINA is tax evasion, because there is no law in China that protects foreigners from frauds perpetrated by other foreigners. If Yuri was ripping off Chinese, the cops would be all over him like white on rice as explained here https://www.scam.com/entry.php?6418-Beware-of-China-s-many-Legal-Scams-like-Lawoai-Career-Center-Job-Fraud-Targeting-Expats

Their MO remains the same:

- Beautiful Web Site
- No written guarantees or promises - only verbal
- No specific job description that can be verified with the employer
- Fake testimonials & fabricated reviews
- Applicants told to lie on their visa applications (a felony crime)
- Specific questions from applicants about visa laws still evaded
- Third party caller "coincidentally" offers to sell a fake uni diploma

For the record, they are now operating under the names of Gi2c, Getin2China, Laowai Career Center, and WiseWay Global. The Golden rule in China is: NEVER EVER PAY A DIME FOR A JOB NOR AN INTERNSHIP. You can get a real job or internship with a Fortune 500 or MNC company in China just by contacting the company directly yourself for free; See: Free China Internships Without Scams - DIY! (http://freechinainternships.blogspot.co.uk)

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That's two threads and three posts now in as many weeks on the same topic.

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all this garbage needs to be in one thread.

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I agree there is no need to beat this dead horse again, but when the company keeps changing their names we should identify each name separately and so far these Russians have changed their aliass 4 or 5 times yet the fraud remains the same - China job and internship and study abroad frauds. It appears they have stopped doing the visa fraud however - at least nobody answers the Getin2China phones and emails since last September.

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This was just posted on Reddit and ReviewsAbroad.com - self explanatory.

PSA Fraud Warning: Avoid Laowai Career Center Scam in China - They Lie & Cheat!

--- The last time I had my clock cleaned in China was with CUCAS two years ago, but this Laowai Career Center is so much more bold with their lies. Although they will "find you a job placement within 30 days"as they say, BUT it will not be the one you wanted nor the one you applied for nor the one you like. The police called it "bait and switch fraud".

--- They advertise heavily online and what they advertise are high-paying jobs or jobs that say "travel the world for free" or 'no weekend" or "free furnished apartment included" or "Fortune 500 company needs native-English speaker". All these ads are hogwash. They use these fake jobs to collect a bunch of resumes. That's how they got mine. Yes, they are polite and friendly and even seem helpful. But I realized after I was swindled, they only told me what they wanted me to know. For example, that free furnished apartment came with two roomates and one was a Nigerian chain-smoker, and the other a guy from Pakistan who had Hepatitis and constantly argued with his GF on his cell phone - even at 1:00 am in the morning!

--- When I arrived in China it was to work as a Marketing Manager for a "UK Finance Giant" but turned out to be a telesales job for a small company called Montpellier that the expat people I cold-called said was a scam and angrily said they told Montpelier to stop calling them every month! When I demanded a refund after week one they pushed me to take a job teaching English that paid 10,000 a month, but all the other foreign teachers were getting 15,000. Guess where the other 5,000 was going?

--- I met two other LCC "clients" and one was offered $1,000 to make a "promotional video" with others but he later said that when he saw the video, they edited it to be a "testimonial" and that he demanded they take it of the internet and they refused. Two weeks later they invited me to a party and I noticed they had a girl and an Indian guy video taping everything. They got a few drinks in me and then made the the very same $1,000 offer to me and I sent them to hell.

--- In summary, this is a very tricky scam that peddles career dreams based on false images that they create for themselves. I met an employee named Rita and an older man named Stefan at the party and they both write blogs full time for Laowai Career Center saying how great China is to work but they never ever mention any of this here. https://scam.com/showthread.php?704467-UPDATED-China-Liars-List-ESL-TEFL...

--- Oh, I almost forgot, one of the other "3,000+ satified clients" was demanding a list from the Russian owner who started threatening her that he'd get her arrested and deported if she didn't "stop making a scene". She was asking him "to list 10 Fortune 500 companies that LCC works with" because at the orientation on the first day, he boasted that they were "partners with over 100 Fortune 500 and MNCs in China.". When he couldn't answer her and kept changing the subject she started passing out something she copied from the internet about "China's Legal Scams". Here is the link of what she began to pass out. https://scam.com/entry.php?6418-Beware-of-China-s-many-Legal-Scams-like-... The owner took Kay outside of the conference center with another Chinese guy named "Tommy" and I never saw her again. I hope she is okay.

--- Just the night before Kay was telling us that she found out that the Russian owner also owns some other companies called Getin2China and Wiseway Global Education Group, and Gi2c which according to reddit are all scams too. I can't believe I was so stupid to fall for all their fakery, but I did. Kick me in the ass! http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral

Frankly My Dear...
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2017 UPDATE: The new and improve version of the Gi2c China Internship and Job scam is that they now are offering a MLM sales of their agents so people abroad can be used to recruit for them with a promise of big 20% commissions if someone you refer signs up forone of their worthless internship or jobs. For those not familiar with The Russian King of Scams Yuri d here are the pertinent details of his current methods and some victim statements: Avoid Laowai Career Center China Job Scam like flies on a **** sandwich! | Abroad Reviews (http://www.abroadreviews.com/avoid-laowai-career-center-china-job-scam-flies-****-sandwich)