View Full Version : Warning- The one-ring phone scam is back

03-16-2017, 08:52 PM
There is a new telephone and cell phone scam you should be aware of called the One Ring Scam. The scam involves international area codes, and it works like this: Your phone (home or cell) rings once and the caller hangs up, or they will play a recording of someone demanding medical attention or claiming to be under attack. They will also send you a text message. The intent is to get you to call back, and when you do you will be hit with hefty charges, both per-minute and international. When you call back you will get a recorded message you have reached the operator please hold. You will hear hold music designed to keep you on the phone for as long as possible to keep the charges adding up. The calls look they are from the US, but are actually international phone numbers usually from the Caribbean. Here are the area codes they use: 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876. DO NOT CALL BACK CALLS FROM ANY AREA CODE YOU DONíT RECOGNIZE. Check it out first. If you want to know more about this Phone Scam, contact me. Warn all your family and friends as this scam is spreading like wild-fire.

03-16-2017, 11:42 PM
Thanks for the heads up!