View Full Version : Gi2c Intern in China Scam still scamming away with new address and company names!

The Turk
04-12-2016, 12:37 AM
Despite all the warning people posted about these thieves they seem to have nine lives as they now are using name number 4 and fled the Galaxy Soho Center. They now operate out of an office in Haidian on Zhonnguancun street using names of:

* Wiseway Global Education

* Getin2China

* Gi2c

* i2

* China Job Express

Same M.O.... fabricated reviews and purchased testimonials. Can anyone here write something up in Chinese so we can post an OPEN LETTER to China's Justice Minister and get these guys shut down once and for all? Did you see what their own former employees wrote about them at scam.com and Topics in China (1/7) - ESLwatch Forum - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/forum/china?)

China Dude
05-03-2017, 04:37 PM
Your post is now outdate since they have yet another new name. They now also market under the name of Lawoai Career Center and here are reviews for this bunch going back to 2014...


Getin2China Reviews - Scamorg.com (http://www.scamorg.com/getin2china-4c#)

If Laowai Career Center is NOT a China job scam, they should answer these 15 simple questions... | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/if-laowai-career-center-not-china-job-scam-they-should-answer-these-15-simple-questions-0)

Laowai Career Center aka Gi2c aka Getin2China aka Wiseway Global China Job Scam - Scamalot (http://www.scamalot.com/ScamTipReports/86021)

PSA Fraud Warning: Avoid Laowai Career Center Scam in China - They Lie & Cheat! | Abroad Reviews (http://abroadreviews.com/psa-fraud-warning-avoid-laowai-career-center-scam-china-they-lie-cheat)


Ripoff Report | Laowai Career Center Complaint Review (http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/laowai-career-center/-/laowai-career-center-gi2c-yuri-khlystov-wiseway-global-education-getin2china-olympic-1365373)

China Scam Review: Getin2China is the same Russian gang running the Gi2c & Laowai Career Center China Internship & Job frauds according to victims at Reddit | Open Letter (http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-scam-review-getin2china-same-russian-gang-running-gi2c-laowai-career-center-china)

If there are any scambaiters out there,this would be a fun project for you!