View Full Version : Scam Warning! Wiseway Global Education of Beijing, China Are NOT who they say they are!

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04-06-2016, 07:38 AM
They operate a 3 in 1 scam as described below, but they get your ear by telling you that they are "part of the China Ministry of Education since 2007" (China's Ministry of Education denies this vehemently) and "Partners with 500 top universities around the world" Well, there are only Top 100 universities in the world and the rest are considered to be second tier universities. I sent emails to all top 100 schools (t their international department director and dean of admissions, and guess what? 86 of them never even heard of Wiseway Global and the other 14 said only that they allowed the organization to buy a booth at their annual "open house" event. NONE of the top 100 universities confirm that Wiseway Global is a "partner"! But if you read all their online advertising and see all those great photshopped pictures of their CEO Mr. Wei standing at the gates of Oxford, Harvard, and Princeton, you might also be fooled like 3,000 other victims every year - all shelling out between $10,000 to $50,000 for their smoke and mirror BS which includes:

1) Study abroad packages ( for people too dumb or lazy to fill out an application for an international university)

2) Work in China placements through their subsidiary scam Gi2C - see:http://www.realscam.com/f8/warning-gi2c-china-internship-just-another-china-job-scam-but-pricey-3928/index4.html

3) China internship and job placements that require you to pay an up-front fee. Any expat whose been to China can tell you WE NEVER PAY ANY FEES FOR A JOB OR INTERNSHIP!

But with Yuri Khlystov (my former boss) now running the show, all those fabricated reviews and I20 letters and testimonials that they bought from strangers for $500 each are convincing enough to provide at least 300 victims every month.

Spread the word guys, Wiseway Global and Gi2C is a double team scam that preys on young people who just graduated from university. They sell career dreams that quickly become expensive nightmares.