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The Turk
02-11-2016, 07:53 PM

Yeah, I know they are huge and have been around forever. Unfortunately they are dishonest in what they do and don't display to the public. Where do I start? First I will tell you about what they hide from us and that they have banned over 200 people in the last year for asking questions about it...

ESLCAFE hides negative information about their job destinations (even, murders, rapes, and muggings) because if you know a country or city is not safe you will not apply for a job there and they will not collect their $500 placement fee. So when people post their bad experiences or a conversation starts up about incidents, the negative comments will be deleted and some regular ESLCafe Staff member (posing as user NOMAD SOUL and four others) will mock the person or even the official news source. Recently over the last two years they have been hiding many things about China such as the huge Hepatitis epidemic they have (12% of the population is infected) and yet when people try to warn one another they get deleted and if they persist to repost they simple get banned as I did when I complained about getting 3 Iphones stolen from me by pick-pockets in one year on the subway. Now if you post great reviews about a city where they offer jobs they will post your comments in 2 or 3 places with different titles! BTW... here is the same comments I posted ESL Cafe that got me banned (I cut and pasted this from a Shanghai expat forum) Are YOU worried about Hepatitis in China? - You should be! : Shanghai Open Chat (http://www.shanghaiexpat.com/phpbbforum/topic191218.html?sid=352ccf2854f7ac4a4ca72e7f95176 7d1) Hepatitis is one of the five most contagious diseases in the world and 23 expat teachers died from it in China (arrived without infection according to FEC medical exams).

They also do not let people post warnings or complaints about employers or China job agents who cheat us because most of them pay money to advertise there like China ESL, New Life ESL, WiseWay Global, Panda Visa, etc (all known frauds). Complain about these people and you get banned - no warnings. More than 60 people complained about China ESL's owner Rebecca Tang and yet she remains in place as a fixture at ESLCafe. Of the 240 people who advertise at ESLCafe.com, I counted 89 that are blacklisited in more than one place on ESL/TEFL message boards, with the old China Teachers Alliance, and the CFTU. The owner Dave Sperling will not answer emails when you ask him about this. This shows you just how bad Rebecca Tang and her China ESL operation is yet ESLCafe recruits for the cheating bitch ESL Jobs Forum - View topic - China ESL Scam - Rebecca Tang - Petition To Justice Minister (http://esl-jobs-forum.com/viewtopic.php?p=13169)

This warning below was deleted with the words "We do not discuss fake diplomas here on the forum as a matter of policy", yet they allow three people to sell them on their websites for over a year! Why? Because it sells more job placements even if the job or the applicant is fake! They also allow fake "teachers" to become users even after other users complain that they are really job agents who send them PMs offering really crappy jobs or want us to go work in China illegally with the wrong visas! Did you notice the fake teachers posting on ESL/TEFL forums? - TEFL forums - Eslbase.com (http://www.eslbase.com/forum/viewtopic/did-you-notice-the-fake-teachers-posting-on-esl-tefl-forums/) and Beware of agents & recruiters masquerading as ESL/TEFL teachers at expat & ESL.TEFL forums! - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/china-2/scams-or-schemes-in-china/12147-beware-of-agents-recruiters-masquerading-as-esl-tefl-teachers-at-expat-esl-tefl-forums.html) shows I am not the only one who was solicited - repeatedly.


ESLCafe doesn't give a rats ass if the bad information or crooks or identitity thieves who find and victimize you through their forums cause you to get cheated, lose thousands of dollars or even jailed because they even hide the people who recruit under the wrong visas and eventually get their customers arrested, jailed and deported with a felony conviction on their record. There are at least 16 agents recruiting at ESLCAFE.com who tell people they "really don't need a Z visa (work visa) for their first 90 day probationary period" This is absolutely false. Others tell people they will get them when they arrive in China, and yet others tell them that "the school owner's husband is a deputy minister with the government so there is nothing to worry about" All lies - and they do it every day. Go ahead and identify these people and watch what happens. Most anyone at ESLCafe with a post count of more than 3,000 is an agent/recruiter. Some even use more than two identities, one to give "helpful advice" and another to do the soliciting. Here are the known agents that work/steal/cheat on ESLCafe that I count... Maybe you guys can find more?

Rebecca Tang
David Valley
Derrick Yazwa
Choudoufo (User Name)
Nomad Soul (User Name)
Kong (User Name)
SH Panda (User Name)
Kungfuman (User Name)
Expertise Education
ESL Insider
Focus Education
Bossa Education
Yuri Khlystov
Hangzhou Hellen
Bud Powell
Haida Education Group

Also be aware that even the Chinese government knows that fake diplomas and TEFL Certificates flow from Dave's people and so they have in the last year started posting fake ads in order to catch and arrest the fake teachers as they are doing now https://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/warning-fake-diplomas-to-get-3000-china-foreign-esl-tefl-teachers-arrested-great-job-eslinsider/ and Dave gladly takes their money too. He knows damn well who his regulars are and can spot fake jobs just like most veteran ESL teachers can. This man has zero ethics. One of Dave's own ads read... http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?616386-China-Scam-Alert!-Fake-TEFL-amp-TESOL-Certificate-Requirement-Fraud-Targets-ESL-Teachers-Teach-In-China-Jobs

You can't teach in China without a University Diploma and TEFL Certificate. Get both for $300 and you can be in Beijing or Shanghai within 45 days. Your confidentiality and satisfaction guaranteed. Email me with inquiry in subject box to DESLC@rocketmail.com (an old ad from 2013) And btw... you do not need a TEFL certificate to teach in China but they will sell you one and post all sorts of comments convincing people that you simply cannot get a job teaching English in China without their TEFL certificate!

The last despicable thing they do is read PMs before they are allowed to be delivered from one user to another. Instead of going directly from one user to another, the sender's PM goes into a "outbox" (where it is read and then forwarded) to the receiver if it does not contain any criticism, fraud warnings, or negative info about advertisers or the the ESLCAFE.com web site itself! Let's face it, Dave Sperling is a control freak Nazi who censors for a living to make a buck.