View Full Version : Wiseway Global Education Scammers Buying Fake Testimonials & I-20 Letters!

01-10-2016, 11:53 AM

Gi2c President Yuri Khlystov has brought his bad habits when he bought out Wiseway Global - the study abroad fraud based in Beijing China. They are now running anonymous ads on Craigslist and 58.com offering to buy I-20 university acceptance letters from high school grads so they can falsely persuade even more victims that they have successfully placed students in top 100 universities. They are also paying $1,000 for fabricated video testimonials. So if you are good actor who can lie with a straight face, or desperate for some quick cash, give Yuri a call at 86.010.UWILL-BSWINDLED in China.

You can read more about these crooks at most any ESL message board, scam.com, and eslwatch.info

01-20-2016, 07:31 PM
Wiseway is just one of many such study-abroad scams based in China - the only place they can get away with this **** because the government controls the search engines so the Chinese kids cannot even see most online warnings that people have been posting for years about these many frauds. Wiseway just happens to be one of the most brazen and aggressive group I have seen. I am not at all surprised that Gi2C's owner Yuri took over the Wiseway scam.