View Full Version : Gi2c China Internship Scam Company Recently Evicted From Beijing Galaxy Soho Bldg.

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12-07-2015, 10:52 AM
Sorry I am late in getting this news to you guys, but Yuri and his gang of thieves were not able to make the high rent payments at the Galaxy Soho building and they were forced to leave. They are now sharing a virtual office space at in the low rent district of Zhongguancun, in Haidian District of Beijing. Perhaps all the scam warnings posted here at RealScam.com may have slowed the gang down.

Also, when I left the company the owners (Ben and Yuri) were talking about getting into the study-abroad fraud business (very popular in China). Anyway the elite digs at the Galaxy Soho are now history. They can now be found here:


12-16-2015, 09:43 AM
The story I got from former employee Max is that after the cops started visiting the office and asking all the employees for ID, Yuri closed the office for two weeks and hoped the heat would go away. When the landlord was visited by the cops a week later, they changed the locks on Gi2c's doors and told them good-bye. But as you noted, they simply moved to another part of Beijing and began using a new name (Wiseway Global Education). One thing we know for sure, Yuri Klyshstov will not stop swindling people until he is locked away behind bars.