View Full Version : 1,267 Nigerians & 37,238 Russian Ladies Agree - Gi2c China Internships Is Best Scam Ever!

China Dude
08-18-2015, 10:56 AM

If you are a Nigerian drug dealer or Russian hooker in China - you love, embrace, and endorse Gi2C (and all the other black China internship companies) as better than peanut butter and oral sex! Without Gi2c (and the other black China internship companies) they would be hard-pressed getting their bodies and their goods and services into China, since China visa officials are super strict. But when they pretend to be student interns with the blessings if Gi2c, they are able to slip right into China's biggest cities for 90 days at a time and spread cheer, joy, orgasms, and a great buzz throughout China! Nigerian and Chinese drug dealers sentenced to death in Dongguan (http://www.danwei.org/front_page_of_the_day/nigerian_drug_dealer_was_sente.php)


Without the professional assistance of Gi2C, the expats in China would be forced to get their STDs from local Chinese girls and their buzz from warm Chinese beer and low grade fake weed. So as you can see, Gi2C has a big fan base in China where they are loved and cherished by those living in the gray and black worlds of China. My Story - The Russian Girls of Harbin - henrymakow.com (http://www.henrymakow.com/personal_story-_the_russian_gi.html)

So if you want to intern in the drug or prostitution trade, come to China with Gi2c and see the Great Wall while you are here! Learning a new profession from veterans in China as a foreign apprentice can be great fun and profitable too. Best of all the jails are cleaner than America and if you like rice and noodles, you won't mind your extended stay in one of their prisons where the Vaseline is provided free of charge!

We are all truly blessed and indebted to the Russian Yuri for keeping China supplied with Russian babes and quality controlled substances. Without Gi2c we'd all be sufferings for sure. But I have one request for the Gi2c suggestion box however. Instead of Nigerians could you possibly sponsor a few hundred Jamaicans this year?