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07-05-2015, 05:20 AM
Gi2c is apparently now playing the name game when people ask them about all the complaints online. They tell callers that those complaints are about another company that went out of business. I say "BULLSHIT!" They are both the same company and both are owned by Yuri Khlystov the Russian Rip Off master with the spiked hair in Beijing.

According to former employees Fay, Abbie, Anthony, and others at the links below, in 2014 the company cheated their own employees out of $10,000 in back wages and one of the employees named Tracy (a married Chinese girl with the largest breasts in Beijing) took the company owners before the Beijing Labor Board with a complaint only Tracy is willing to talk about. Btw... my sources are now 4 former Gi2c employees. If you see my other posts, I actually visited the Gi2C Beijing office (the real one) back in May of 2015.

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Fraud Warning...Gi2C and Other China Job Internship Scams - Beware People! (1/6) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/117-fraud-warning-gi2c-and-other-china-job-internship-scams-beware-people.html)

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Although Gi2c is still in the state of denial, a contact list of the 16 former employees who resigned can be obtained by sending an email to one of the employees at adm888mda{at}ya*oo.com, and the former webmaster for the company (who resigned after refusing to post fake vacancies on the web site) can be reached at shaolin.steve{at}gma*l.com. Also one of the most famous victims named Winnie Maliko who was told to commit a felony crime by Gi2C management (to lie on her visa application) can be reached at winniemaliko{at}g*ail.com, or directly at her Linked page. This girl does not beat around the bush but she was muzzled and then banned/blocked at thebeijinger expat forum where Gi2C advertises. So if anyone has doubts they can call or email the former employees and webmaster themselves - directly.

Gi2c was just recently caught fabricating a bunch of fake reviews like the one below and also made all of their employees post great reviews at glassdoor the day before their performance reviews! Here is one example: Gi2C Group - Best team ever! | Glassdoor (http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-Gi2C-Group-RVW7028663.htm?utm_source=company-follow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=company-follow-ri&utm_content=company-follow-ri-review-button)


I predict they will soon be changing their name yet again to dodge all the complaints that are accumulating online. I also think the below picture and attachment I found at scam-detector.com speaks volumes;