View Full Version : Carders returning HYIP losses ?

05-16-2015, 02:43 PM
Be careful as I recently spotted a new trend of "We will recover your HYIP losses" scam-"firms".
Several russian victims of HYIP schemes, got contacted by phone/skype/email by various fake company names and were offered to recover
their HYIP losses with no pre-payment. The victims been asked to provide their bank account/card numbers and actually got the money to their accounts.
The scammers asked to send them a percent of the sum (10-25%) as a payment for their services after the transfer.
The victims gladly did, but later realized that the funds they got as the recovery were actually transferred from hacked bank accounts and from stolen credit card accounts and that money been claimed back by the banks.
You might also get some serious explanation to do to the cops.