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Frankly My Dear...
05-04-2015, 10:49 PM
At first there was some confusion I think because not many people knew that Getin2China.com is really Gi2c.org. But now that as of last Monday the old Red Dragon website of Getin2China.com now feeds and leads to the new Gi2C.org site which is kind of snazzy - and very convincing in my opinion. Both of the sites are registered to the same Russian man, Yuri Khlystov. I saw and commented in the other links but I just want to talk about what kind of employee in China would be willing to rip off other foreigners, since the Chinese already do a great job of it.

Well this is the story of Gi2C employees including one that got arrested right in the office following the Chinese New Year of 2013, the non-existent Phantom employees, and the boiler room employees working in the Pakistan office that say they are calling you "from Gi2C's London office" which the CEO recently admitted does not exist, but he will not talk about the Pakistan operation which China Scam Patrol and ScamCallFighters.com agree started in 2013. Gi2c makes their operation appear to be so large and international and if you look at this page from the their web site, most anyone would believe it. The Gi2C Team - Gi2C Staff - Getin2China (http://www.gi2c.org/our-team.html) They show 29 employees today on May 5th 2015. See here who they claim work for them:

1-Tanya-Gi2C-Shanghai RESIGNED
2-Ulla-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
3-Yelena-Gi2C-Shanghai RESIGNED
4-Yuri Khlystov -General Manager of Gi2C Group CO-OWNER
5-Kris Derban - Director of Placement & Customer Relationship Manager at Gi2C Group
Alisa-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Ben Cao - Managing Director at Gi2C Group CO-OWNER
Deepa-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Dominika-Gi2C-Shanghai RESIGNED
Illona-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Isis Wang - Administrative & Finance manager and Gi2C Group Beijing
Joseph John Wickenden - An Internship Program Consultant at Gi2C Group Beijing
Katherine-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Luice-Gi2C-Brand-Manager RESIGNED
Max McAuley - An Internship Program Consultant at Gi2C Beijing Office RESIGNED
Monica Zhang - An Intenrship Program Consultant at Gi2C Group RESIGNED
Paul Dodds - An Internship Program Consultant at Gi2C Group Beijing RESIGNED
Rita Gao - Office Secretary
Sheryl-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Sophie-Gi2C-Beijing RESIGNED
Vivian Ding - Senior Internship Program Coordinator at Gi2C Group Beijing

Others Who Resigned Since Tommy's Arrest:


But as China Scam Patrol says... "All but seven of those people resigned months ago following the arrest of a Gi2C employee named "Tommy" for visa fraud by China's Public Security Bureau." And look at the photo the CEO posted at the Beijinger expat forum in mid-April confirming just how many people really work there. I don't know about you, but that does not look like "51-200" employees to me, nor the 29 "Our Team" employee members. This is just typical of how easily they trick people into believing their lies guys.


Yet at this old ad from 2014 they claim they have "51-200 employees" Where are the others?


In this photo form 2014 only the last two on the right in the front and back row remain. All the others resigned:


Now about the fellow who was arrested (Tommy the Chinese guy). China Scam Patrol sent me this insert which is self-explanatory along with a statement of a witness who was in the office that day...


Statement of a witness present during the 2013 arrest:

"It was about 11:00am in the morning and the renovation people were there in the office arguing with Yuri about payment arrangements. Vivi and myself just came out of a meeting and I recall that Tommy and Kaisa were talking about who they had to pick up at the airport and when. It was the that three young men in their 30s walked into the office and walked right up to Tommy and showed their badges and said they were with the Public Security Bureau. They were quiet and polite until Yuri asked them to go outside the office and talk. Yuri then asked to see their ID cards and took photos of the the three men which really pissed them off and they gave Yuri a telephone number to call to verify who they were. Then another two guys came and removed the hard drive from Tommy’s computer and took photographs of the office.

One of the men spoke English and asked me if I worked there. After I answered him he asked me if the two other other foreigners in the office were employees. He then asked to see my passport and after I gave it to him he called some number on his phone and then took a photo of my passport. While he was doing this one of the other guys was putting handcuffs on Tommy and Tommy was telling Yuri to call the lawyer and their friend “Li Peng”. But when Yuri tried to take Tommy’s mobile phone from Tommy’s desk, one of the PSB guys stopped him and took the phone. Another PSB guy was walking around the office and looking at papers and talking to Isis. Yuri motioned told Isis in English that only he would answer their questions and she should go back to work. The agent who asked to see my passport got a call and after maybe 30 seconds, gave me back my passport.

They then took Tommy away after telling him he was under arrest for “Visa Fraud”. Tommy did not seem that upset, and told us “See you guys next month”. Yuri then joked and tried to convince the employees that Tommy was arrested for not paying traffic citations. One employee actually believed Yuri’s joke until another employee told her the truth. About a month later Kaisa left the company to go work at the Finnish Embassy, and Kris was hired to take her place. After the arrest of Tommy a lot of people started resigning and Tommy was gone for a year, and just recently returned to work at Gi2c about four months ago. His arrest was either right before or right after Spring Festival of 2013, I can’t recall right now. Tommy was a quiet guy who Yuri said had a family member who worked at the PSB for many years. The last phone number I had for Tommy is 13439237073. Kaisa had said that Tommy worked at the old Getin2China office at Dongzhimen for many years. Vivi and Isis still work at Gi2c and you can ask them directly what happened that day if you doubt the above or you can call Kaisa at the Finnish embassy in Beijing and ask her as well. This is Kaisa below with one of the many beautiful Russian girls (about 20 that come an visit Yuri privately every month) Kaisa is one of the many honest people who worked at the old Getin2China office and left after Tommy’s arrest.

This photo below is taken about a week before Tommy’s arrest. The girl in the gold circle is Abbie who went to America to get married and she was cheated 6,000 yuan on her pay check because the Gi2C owner claimed he changed the commission structure for BD people on payday and the changes were retroactive! Another BD girl at Gi2C named Fay was cheated in the same way for 3,000 yuan. A company consultant agreed to pay the Abbie girl because one of the owners agreed to reimburse the consultant, but never did. That consultant (Anthony) was also later cheated for 40,000 yuan when he resigned from the company. Fay quit and went to the U.K. and did not want to spend 5,000 yuan for a lawyer to collect her 3,000 yuan. Over a dozen past employees got cheated like this at Gi2C.

About a week later, three beautiful Russian girls came to the office looking for Tommy to get their visas, and after Yuri took them into a meeting room and in about 10 minutes one of the girls got loud with Yuri in Russian. She was angry about something. A few minutes later, Yuri came out of the meeting room and took some cash from the company safe and went back into the meeting with the three girls who left just a few minutes later. I asked Yuri if everything was okay and he replied, the 3 girls were “ripples from Tommy’s arrest” and then he instructed me to never mention Tommy again in the office and if anyone asks me anything about him I was to say “He went back to his hometown because his mother was ill”. I personally liked Tommy who was a friendly & helpful guy in the office.

Name Redacted

As for the Pakistani boiler room, it was explained well with screen shots I have borrowed below from scam-detector. Telemarketers in Pakistan were hired to call university students in London to be offered MNC jobs in China if they were willing to do a 90 day free internship. Names of the MNC companies were not disclosed but names of callers were identified as "Barbara Wilson", "Haley Gilbert", "Dwight Stevens" and others. Students called picked up on the fake British accents since the callers said they were "Gi2c's London Office", and reported them to ScamCallFighters.com. Here are the self explanatory screen shots...


Lastly... the invisible (fake) offices. Gi2c has recently changed their homepage and removed the words "8 World-Wide Office For Your Convenience" But the phone numbers still remain:

Los Angeles: +1 213 5597277 New York: +1 917 5039747 Canada: +1 888 7899596

London: +44 203 6087372 Helsinki: +358 9 42450737 Tokyo: +81 3 45798488

Beijing: +86 10 52889011 Shanghai: +86 21 60542444

Below you can see proof that for 24 months they fooled people into believing they were so huge and successful that they had 8 offices around the world when they only have 2 - both in China. See the full report about Gi2C.org at http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com and the screen shots below


So fake offices, fake employees, and fake MNC Internships. I hope someone checks all the reviews and testimonials because at page 5 of this thread is a guy who said he was paid $500 a month just to answer a cell phone he was given to say wonderful things about Gi2C company. Fraud Warning...Gi2C and Other China Job Internship Scams - Beware People! (1/6) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/117-fraud-warning-gi2c-and-other-china-job-internship-scams-beware-people.html)

The French Lady Maliko who was an intern with Gi2c says the GoOverseas.com review site would not let her update her review after the owner of the company basically called her a liar. She said she has documents to proof Gi2c is the one who is lying but GoOverseas won't let her post her proof. This makes me think that must be a paid review site that protects their money source.

Frankly My Dear...
05-04-2015, 11:30 PM
Postscript Please: As I just posted this I realize that the Gi2C people have a habit of revising their website to fit their current version of what's happening so I think I better post the actual photos of the people they say they have working on their "team" because it could change tomorrow. And the OP only allows for seven attachments so I have to put them here. So as of TODAY they still claim the below people work for them: Sorry for the extra post ladies and gents.


05-04-2015, 11:34 PM
Sorry for the extra post ladies and gents.

Don't be.

The more clarity you can bring to the situation, the better.

You're not going to be censored here, nor have your posts edited, so feel free to include as much information as you feel is relevant

05-05-2015, 06:02 PM

You did a lot of work Frank. Thanks. But there are five unique problems in China that I see (maybe more) that will never go away no matter how much we expose these, or any other China thieves:

1) It is the scam operators in China that control the testimonials and reviews because just like Yelp was busted two years ago, there are five online "review sites" that sell ratigs and praise to the people being reviewed. If comments from real victims are too negative, they either edit them, or put them on page 17 where no eyeballs bother to look, while positive reviews go on page 1. Testimonials are usually on the company website, blog, and Facebook page and as the Gi2c intern Winnie Maliko pointed out, she was only allowed to comment once and Gi2c was allowed 3 revisions to change their comments after they realized the victim had proof, but then she was not allowed to post her proof on line. At Scam-Detector the woman posted 10 pages of emails, one of them telling her to lie to the Chinese visa officials, and another pressuring her to say her identity was stolen. So the third party comments are highly manipulated with no way to verify if the people are real or paid shills.

2) The expat forums in China are highly biased in favor of their paid advertisers. Thebeijinger has a five year notorious history of censoring people who criticize or expose the people and businesses who buy ads there. The most famous case is not Gi2C but a ESL recruiting agency called China ESL which was exposed for collecting 66% of a teachers salary. Over 15o users attacked the owner on the forum in five different threads, calling for her arrest and prosecution. But after some China ESL display ads began appearing at the beijinger, all five of those very negative threads vanished without any explanation. When users asked about the missing threads, they were ignored. Those few that kept asking, got banned. This has been well documented at http://scam.com/showthread.php?t=644914. It is not just the beijinger that does this mind you, but they are second only to eslcafe.com Gi2c is now being shielded by both a mod who makes allegations with zero proof, and two trolls that signed up the same day and the three support each other while the mod bans, blocks, or deletes links that prove their remarks are false.

3) In China there is no regulatory body that investigates or prosecutes companies that defraud foreigners. If the victims were Chinese, Gi2C would be ancient history. But foreigners in China are considered to be "transients" who are really not a concern unless the foreigners are committing some dangerous, violent, or drug-related crime. White collar crime in China is still considered to be "clever business" and some even admire the fraudsters for fooling the foreign idiots. So with no BBB or FTC fresh grads from foreign university are like baby lambs parading down Main Street where a pack of wolves is on every street corner. Not one will make it from one end of the street to the other.

4) Massive corruption. I spoke with one of the guys from China Scam Patrol for a hour on Skype about three months ago, and he was telling me that if you take a fraudster to court in China and they have serious bucks, they pay off the judge through a lawyer (only $10,000) and the judge does nothing but repeatedly post-pone the case until the visa of the victim expires. When they try to renew their visa it denied without explanation. Now the case is brought to trial a day or two after the foreigner must leave China, and since they must be present to personally swear their claim, they lose by default. You cannot send a lawyer to be your proxy in China. This happened many times in the China ESL case and finally the other victims realized it was futile to throw good money after bad on hiring a lawyer.

5) The "wumaos" and troll armies. In China people are hired by companies and paid .50 cents for every post they make for or against any online issue ("wumao" is Chinese for 50 cents) Foreign trolls are paid a lot more, maybe even as much as $500 a week. Their job is to confuse readers and divert attention by any means possible. In the two other links about Gi2c we spotted two such trolls with their red herring BS and one of them even said admin, whip, and nomaxim were really just one person who happened to be the same scapegoat getting trashed at the beijinger for helping to expose the Gi2c scam. He also insisted the victim Winnie Maliko was a fake sock puppet as well, and in a previous thread (deleted by thebeijinger but posted at scam-detector.com) the clown even impersonated the Service Director and then the CEO of Gi2c before admin caught on. Only yesterday was the guy exposed by admin as part of Gi2c. But it took a full month to expose him. Typically these guys may have up to a dozen identities, and the worst ones are those with some ax to grind or some competitor they want to promote. This is also SOP for China.

All of the above makes China doubly dangerous and difficult to do anything more than to expose them and hope marks are smart enough to Google. Even the worst China scams will never be shut down so long as enough money is being made to pay 10% in bribes to the occasional police officer who may stop by for a friendly shake down.

05-06-2015, 02:59 AM
Hello everyone,

It's Winnie i guess you all know who i am one. I just would like to share this extra info with you guys. GI2C has decided to organize a contest rewarding it's interns 1000 USD dollars if they agree to share their experience with GI2C on public platforms. Of course no one would pay 1000USD to be critized so you can expect a lot of fake reviews in the next few days. http://www.facebook.com/Getin2China 10497[/ATTACH [ATTACH=CONFIG]10497

Gi2C Group
05-08-2015, 06:16 AM
Dear viewers,
There are just three photos from April 2015 we want to share with you. We marked people who our defamers call "phantoms".




Unfortunately right now we don't have one photo of all our team members in there but it's already pretty clear that all statements about "phantom workers" are nothing but lie. We encourage you to find the true by calling to one of our offices or step by there. Also you always can find new photos of our team members and interns in our social media: https://instagram.com/getin2china/, https://www.facebook.com/Getin2China

As you may know, within the last month we have been facing a malicious and vengeful smear campaign against our company.

This thread is just the latest of their tactics to cause problems. The people behind this attack are using a variety of ways to defame and slander us publicly online by posting slanderous comments at various online forums using anonymous identities. Please take note and thank you for your patience and support as we continue to fight against wrongdoing.

Yours Truly,

Gi2C Team

05-08-2015, 02:41 PM
Fun With Photos! Nice try sir, but two days ago when I stopped by your beautiful office and walked in your White, Black, and light green office with plants everywhere at 2:38 in the afternoon there were only 5 people working in the office. Let me guess... you had your staff at some Fortune 500 Company activity right? God only knows when you took these photos Yuri. Your employees say you use photoshop all the time to forge invitation letters (at scam-detector.com and eslwatch.info) and anyone can program a camera with any date. The OP did a good job of documenting your employee fraud. Care to admit or deny the arrest of your most senior employee (Tommy) for visa fraud?

But welcome here to our forum. Since you are now in the explaining mood can you tell us about your Pakistan boiler room operation and answer all the questions below for us?



And also: 01143600872 Barbara Wilson / RecSmart / ?MNC internship program in China?, Advance Fee Scam. Who called from this phone number? Comments & Reviews. (http://www.scamcallfighters.com/scam-call-01143600872-Barbara-Wilson---RecSmart------MNC-internship-program-in-China----Advance-Fee-Scam-5055.html)

And also: Hayley Gilbert / Hayley@recsmart.co.uk / Getin2China.com Complaint 283185 | Scambook (http://www.scambook.com/report/view/283185/Hayley-Gilbert-Hayleyrecsmartcouk-Getin2Chinacom-Complaint-283185-for-$0.00)
Now please help us out here with questions originally asked 6 weeks ago at Fraud Warning...Gi2C and Other China Job Internship Scams - Beware People! (1/6) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/117-fraud-warning-gi2c-and-other-china-job-internship-scams-beware-people.html) Here are the questions sir:

1- Do you deny or admit that Winnie Maliko was one of your interns?

2 - Do you deny or admit that you changed your comments about her twice at gooverseas.com once she went public with her complaints and changed your "terms and conditions" three times in the last year?

3 - Do you deny or admit that you used to me involved in the visa business at Suite 500 on Dong Zhong Street - Unit 30 in Beijing, three years ago?

4 - Do you deny or admit that your employee "Tommy" who is pictured on your website and other posts in this thread was arrested by the police for visa fraud and related criminal charges in your new office at the Galaxy Soho building?

5 - Do you admit or deny that you had a girl from Taiwan working in your office whose first name began with an "N" and whose boyfriend was an intern at Montpelier in Beijing?

6 - Can you list at least 5 of the "famous Wall Street companies" that you work with and 5 of the Fortune 500 or MNC companies that your employee Mary told people had offered jobs to previous interns?

7 - In 2014, what percentage of your interns received job offers? And how many would that be in total and out of how many interns in total for the year?

8 - Why does the same person answer the phone in all your overseas offices?

9 - Do you admit or deny deleting negative comments from your Facebook and blog pages?

10 - Do you admit or deny that many of your interns have demanded refunds and complained about the quality of their internships and housing?

11 - Do you admit or deny that former employees filed formal complaints with the Beijing labor bureau about their wages and wrongful termination?

12 - Do you admit or deny that you instructed employees in your office to use photoshop to make invitation letters?

13 - Do you admit or deny that your management posted fake video testimonials on your old website "GetIn2China.com" ?

14 - Do you admit or deny you had employed a webmaster named Steve Brown from the U.K.?

15 - Do you admit or deny that you fabricated many job descriptions that now appear on your website?

16 - Do you admit or deny that you tell clients to lie to the Chinese visa authorities about what to say when they are interviewed?

17 - Do you admit or deny that you have pressured and threatened people who made negative comments about you and your company online?

18 - Do you admit or deny that you asked someone to pay a local newspaper to do a feature article about your company?

19 - Do you admit or deny that one of your interns from Italy whose first name began with the letter "F" was placed at a "luxury goods" retail outlet that was raided by the police as a fraud and the intern was arrested, questioned and released and then the matter was reported in the local news? Why would you would place an intern in a company like that?

20 - Do you admit or deny that in the last year at least 15 of your approximately 20 employees resigned?

21 - Why did all those people resign?

22 - Do you admit or deny that an employee named "Hellen" or "Helen" worked for Gi2c or Getin2China in the past for at least two years?

23 - Do you admit or deny that no person by the name of "Haley Gilbert" ever worked for GetIn2China or Gi2c?

24 - Did your company ever falsely register past foreign employees as interns?

25 - How many of your past employees did not receive full paychecks after they resigned?

26 - Isn't it true that what you sell for $3,700, people can get for free by themselves by contacting the HR offices of larges companies operating in China or one off the many foreign chamber of commerce?

27 - Please publish a list of the "50 University Partners" your sales rep told my friend that you have cooperation with all over the world" and explain what is this "cooperation".

28 - You published a group photo of about 65 people standing in front of a famous university on your website (this one below). Please explain this photo and where did it come from and how does it relate to your business history?


29 - What are the legal names of the owners of Gi2c and under what name are your registered with the Beijing Tax Bureau and under what SAIC license number?

30 - Why does your company use a .org domain registration when it is a "for profit" operation and not a foundation, not a charity, not an NPO, and not an NGO

I hope that you can answer these questions truthfully so we can get a better understanding of your business ethics and whether people can trust to do business with your company.

Hey Mr. Moderator ...!!!...

Please don't lock this thread until the Gi2c management answers these questions. I personally would never pay for a job, much less an internship, but I am damn curious to see how they are going to explain away all these questions. Hey Sunshine... are you a lawyer by any chance?

I also see that they hired a hacker that already deleted 37 "unfavorable" comments about the company http://scam-detector.com/forums/forum/employmen...comments-on-internet Also at the above link I notice that although this company is located in Beijing (mainland china), They tell people to send their money to a bank account at HSBC in Hong Kong! What's up with this - a tax dodge? So now Gi2c has 41 questions to answer!

05-13-2015, 03:06 AM
Today is your lucky day Bunky!

You can enter and win $10,000 in the GI2C SCAMARAMA contest!


Get your official Entry Form here: http://www.realscam.com/f8/gi2c-getin2china-china-internship-scam-via-pakistan-fake-london-office-confirmed-4087/

05-16-2015, 11:17 PM
Is This Gi2c's London Call Center Above?

Hey Tank, maybe Gi2c DID in fact have an office in London, but not in their name. Can I still get the $10 grand? The below is something I found last night and goes back to 2013. The Russian owner may have also owned another two scams called "Rec Smart" and "Better Careers". If he did not own them, he surely benefited from them as the screen captures below indicate and also confirm the that Barbara Wilson and Haley Gilbert Gi2c callers originated in Pakistan - not China. https://www.callercenter.com/01143600872.html


China Dude
05-29-2015, 06:50 PM
I just thought of something strange... All these happy customers that Gi2c claims to have and yet they don't come here to defend the "great company". And out of 1,100 interns that Gi2c claims to have placed with their "vast network of MNC companies", not one of those interns steps up to defend the company either, nor any of their "51-200" employees. Not even the Gi2C Prez or CEO has come forward to deny the allegations. Pretty strange yes?

05-30-2015, 04:43 AM

I remind everybody of Anthony's confession on TheBeijinger.com


WARNING! Scam, blackmailing, cyberterrorism by CFTU Anthony Bruce DiMarco aka DiCarlo (victims: Gi2C, CUCAS, CRCC Asia etc.) | the Beijinger (http://www.thebeijinger.com/forum/2015/04/20/warning-scam-blackmailing-cyberterrorism-cftu-anthony-bruce-dimarco-aka-dicarlo)

05-30-2015, 08:36 PM
LoL... This troll is such an ass and actually thinks his impersonations are working. Any regulars of TBJ know this clown has been caught a few times before impersonating various users and had been banned under his real name "Stefan" and a few of his sock puppet accounts as well. But we'll leave that for a separate thread as soon as someone bothers to publish his full name. We already know from Scam.com that he is a convicted felon. Moving along...

A quick reminder to anyone thinking about China Internships...

According to Chinese Visa laws most all China Internship programs for expats today are ILLEGAL (Read here CHINA: China Eliminates Internship and Training Visas for Most Foreign Students | Global Immigration News (http://totallyexpat.com/global-immigration-news/china-china-eliminates-internship-training-visas-foreign-students/)) And here is what can happen to you if you go through with a Gi2c program or any other illegal China intersnhip program: Beware Of China Internship Visa Scams | antifraudintl.org (http://antifraudintl.org/threads/beware-of-china-internship-visa-scams.96692/)

Any company or agent that asks you to pay any money - even $10 to get you a job or internship in China is a scam - period.

The good news is that the only legal internships in China are 100% FREE as explained in these links below.


Free China Internships Without Scams - DIY! (http://freechinainternships.blogspot.co.uk)



As for the troll in this thread "Stefano" he has yet to prove anything he ever claimed, has accused admin and five long time realscam veteran users including Nomaxim, Whip, myself, Ribshaw, and Seattle, of being all the same person (because they disagreed with him) and is himself a convicted felon who created a fraud thread at thebeijinger where he impersonated five different people!

Also, anyone who examines thebeijinger situation will see that there were at one time, 167 posts, which have been censored down to roughly 70 in favor of protecting the reputation of an advertiser - Gi2C. See the attached for the latest deletion/edit job. 10837


05-31-2015, 12:12 AM
I can't quite decide if Stefanos' pic is the worst or second worst Photoshop attempt I've ever seen:


Still, it has given Stefano the opportunity of changing careers from touting a fraudulent internship racket to becoming the in house North Korean Photoshopper.

He can't be any worse then the current incumbent:




Looking at Stefanos' attempt again, though, it would be a close race to pick the worst Photoshopper

06-01-2015, 06:02 AM

06-01-2015, 07:19 AM
Bad stutter you have there Stefano,

Do you think you're doing yourself or your employers any good with your nonsense postings ???

Here's a free tip, mate,

you're making both you and them look like complete and utter clowns.

If that is your aim, fine, go for your life.

China Dude
06-02-2015, 02:59 AM
I was wondering how this gi2c group was getting away with this for 5 years and found out that they change their name every couple of years and even their logo. They used to be "getin2china.com" and before that "better careers" Also found this which explains all those wonderful testimonials-


06-02-2015, 06:37 AM

Actually I know about the article that CTFUnuch Booger is referring to over at Scam.com. Former Deputy PM "Nick Clegg" has come out in opposition of the China Foreign Teachers Union. Speaking to Sky News reporter in Beijing, China at the British Embassy in a Live interview with Beijing based reporter Mark Stone (pictured below) @Stone_SkyNews

There he made comments about the recent "Hang The Leader" issue made by victims of Anthony DiCarlo (aka The Leader) e.g. CRCC Asia, G I 2 C, TotalESL, Expertise Education and so on.

"We are totally disgusted by the snide remarks made by the parties in question and have begun consulting with the Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi in regards to bringing to justice the actions of The Leader. We call for him to come forward. According to our sources he had already confessed at a local website here in Beiiing."

The facade is coming to an end.


06-02-2015, 07:05 AM
Link to the actual interview footage, please Stefano, or it didn't happen

06-02-2015, 07:29 AM

posting the same nonsense thing repeatedly will get the post removed and poster banned.

First and last warning

China Dude
06-03-2015, 08:40 PM
A user named "Fat Man Frank" at scam.com pointed out that Gi2C cheats its own employees out of wages and commissions so it would not be likely they would be any more honest with customers and I agree. He also posted this letter which is self-explanatory. I think what is really needed is to recruit a dozen of those 419 scam baiters to play with Gi2c for a month or two until they can't afford to operate any more and shut down. Anyone have any contacts with those guys?


06-11-2015, 02:12 AM
Check this out... LoL! Also about the "creative editing" (censorship) at thebeijinger.com : http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?p=1878223&posted=1#post1878223


11-07-2015, 08:00 AM
I thought this scam died but was amazed to see Google ADWORDS all over the place so I guess they are still alive and robbing. I found the below in on one of the Gi2c's cached web site ads and it proves that what owner Yuri now professes "We never promote jobs, only internships" and also they "placed over 400 interns with MNCs and Fortune 500 companies that got hired". Well as for the first lie take a look at the below.


As for the second lie, I think the onus is on Yuri and his staff to post the names of at least 10 of his interns and the corresponding MNC and Fortune 500 companies that supposedly hired them. Of course he won't do this because it is information that is verifiable with an email or telephone call to the HR office of the company! So class, let's review...

* Fake employees

* Invisible London Office

* Fake Reviews - See Update on the Gi2C China Internship Scam Investigation... (2/3) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/eslwatch-forum/china/167-update-on-the-gi2c-china-internship-scam-investigation.html?start=6#536))

* Call Center in Pakistan pretending to be calling from invisible London Office

* Fake University Partners (See here: Update on the Gi2C China Internship Scam Investigation... (2/3) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/eslwatch-forum/china/167-update-on-the-gi2c-china-internship-scam-investigation.html?start=6#554)

* Fake jobs obtained by 400 Gi2c interns

* Fake Testimonials (See Update on the Gi2C China Internship Scam Investigation... (3/3) - ESLwatch - ESLwatch - Information, News, Forum and School Reviews (http://eslwatch.info/eslwatch-forum/china/167-update-on-the-gi2c-china-internship-scam-investigation.html?start=12)) and even paying $1,000 for each fake testimonial! http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?683734-Gi2c-China-Internship-Scam-Now-Buying-Testimonials-For-1-000!

* Wrong Visa given to clients (See https://chinavisascams.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/avoid-gi2c-china-internship-scam-visa-violations-that-get-you-jailed/)

You had better sign up today. They are telling people there is a "waiting list"!

The Turk
11-12-2015, 09:43 AM
This here below is posted at scam.com about these guys. It looks like they will never be stopped. Their web site has been drastically revised from what I can see from the old cache screen shots. Are they cleaning up their act or just trying to hide their lies?


China Dude
08-04-2017, 06:00 PM
This is one of the best-documented posts on Gi2c which recently (like about a year ago) changed there name to Laowai Career Center to escape all this scrutiny at realscam.com and eslwatch.info. They are now fully exposed at Reddit as well. (Just search them there or go to http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral.) They screwed my cousin back in 2015 under their alias brand of Gi2c. She posted her review with other recent grads here. https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/search/?tsr-search-query=Gi2c

And here is another Brit who was burned by them also - https://mail.eslwatch.info/en/reviews/recruitment-reviews/1308-asia-reviews-recruitment/china-in-asia-recruitment/20330-laowai-career-center-recruiter-china.html

I wonder how employees who work there can look themselves in the mirroe every morning

Insider Guest
10-02-2017, 07:12 PM
As a former Gi2C employee for two years I can confirm that the company used both a boiler room in Pakistan as it's "London office" and also hired a full-time Russian hacker named Igor to delete nasty reviews posted on the internet. http://chinascamreport.wordpress.com. The owner of the company (Yuri) regularly instructed two Chinese girls (fellow employees) to forge or edit invitation letters and even counterfeit a Chinese business license. When I posted something anonymously about these things on their Facebook page, it was immediately deleted by Yuri who personally checks the Gi2c Facebook page every morning to make sure no negative comments remain there very long. The company blog and website is frequently "updated" every time the company is caught in a iie. https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704467-UPDATED-China-Liars-List-ESL-TEFL-Teacher-Job-Scams-Internships-Exporters-etc-BLACKLIST&p=1974407#post1974407 In the entire 2 years that I worked there, we did not get anyone a job or internship with a Fortune 500 company or even a MNC. 95% of the customers got marketing or gopher internships with no-name Chinese companies and probably about 70% of interns just quit and turned their stay into a China vacation to make the best of a bad situation. At least 60% of all our clients asked for refunds.