View Full Version : Sell Your Water Buffalo & Join Herbalife!

Doc Bunkum
02-28-2015, 04:10 PM
Barbara 3 months ago

They trick subsistence farmers in Cambodia into selling the family's one asset, their water buffalo, to get the money to buy into the herbalife business opportunity, an opportunity that fails for 99%.

Now I know that's not funny, but the way it reads sure sounds funny - to me at least.

"Sell your water buffalo and use the money to buy a Herbalife distributor kit!"

So where did Barbara get that one from?

I checked and it appears to come from an expat forum in Cambodia. The forum moderator shared this bit how the scam works over there:

Can we take a moment to discuss these scam companies coming to leach the money out of a now developing middle class? And yes, to the organizers of these organizations, I just called you a scam. Please try to sue me... it would be comical....

... apparently a common scheme is to approach university students before or as they graduate (the one member of the family that the whole family chipped in to send to school so they could have a brighter future) and offer them these amazing "jobs". They glamour them with fancy cars, nice suits, sharp haircuts, lots of expensive jewelry... and tell them all of this could be theirs as well, if they make the investment. The students eat it up, as that's what supposed to happen after university right? A nice new job earning good money? They go home and tell the family about this great new job, who then sell off the buffalo and their motorbike to make it happen, and the jackass that approached them walks away laughing (with their money in his pocket) as they fail to sell products nobody wants and everyone else they know is trying to sell as well.


02-28-2015, 10:15 PM
that is just unspeakably evil! i hope there is a special painful spot in hell for these scammer scum bags