View Full Version : If You Have Acrophobia.....

Doc Bunkum
01-28-2015, 11:45 AM
.... then this hike might not be for you!

East of town is this old train trestle. On the Kinghorn Subdivision. The sub is no longer used - the rails have been removed - except on the trestle. You can walk it - or if you're adventuresome - ride your ATV or snow machine across it.


"Jesus this thing defines the term scary as hell...."


Mr. Samurai is right with his comment! As this YouTube video shows (28 sec. in), there aren't any railings on the thing...



"I've seen this a million times driving to Winnipeg for FedEx and the locals told me that this was out of service because the wind blew a few cargo boxes right off the trains. I've always wanted to drive to it and do this but it's kind of hard with a big rig. Thanks so Much.. Looks high as hell from the highway too."

Right... think if the wind blows cargo boxes off a train what would happen if you were up there on a windy day!

C Aegard

"I grew up beside the trestle and if you think walking across the trestle is scary you should try standing in one of the fire barrel platforms with a train going by. One would never think a structure could sway so much and still stay standing. My brother use to ride his dirt bike across it from time to time."

No fooling! Imagine being up there when you heard a train whistle approaching in the distance. You'd better scramble for one of those cut outs pretty quick and hang on.