View Full Version : Best beer prank ever

09-18-2013, 06:35 AM

Best prank ever? Kiwi pranksters plumb mate's house with beer

SOME blokes over in New Zealand have pulled off the prank to end all pranks, rigging every tap in their mate's house to pour beer instead of water.
The men waited for their friend and his family to leave home for the day, then launched a complex and extraordinarily well-coordinated operation.

Some sneaked underneath the house and hooked up kegs of beer to the plumbing system, while others placed 14 tiny cameras in strategic locations throughout the building.

When their work was done, every single tap in the house poured beer instead of water. The group then retreated to a covert bunker (read: a shed) next door and waited for their buddy to return.

The cameras they had hidden throughout the house picked up his reaction. They then posted the footage on YouTube, like any self-respecting group of mates would.