View Full Version : What is the cooking indeed???

08-27-2013, 11:46 AM
In your opinion,what does cooking mean??
Which does it involve??
What is its importance!!
Share your personal opinions and do not get too subjective...

08-27-2013, 02:31 PM
In our house, it involves woman standing in front of stove with pots and pans, heat under them and wonderful aromas filling the air! It is important because we like to eat good food. I really like to cook and fix healthy dishes, the number one way to prevent diseases and stay healthy. However, I like to get a break from the kitchen and have someone else cook for me.

Actually, it would make a very funny video if someone filmed me while cooking!! Our kitchen is narrow and long, we had a large part Lab dog and a fat cat but when I cook everyone sits and watches me. I must put on a good show because no one ever misses it!! Molly, the Lab makes sure I get my exercise for the day as I have to step over her many times and sometimes get a foot or tail under my foot and at times a cat tail, one which lets me know and causes me to jump. Have to get my husband to move around so I can get to dishes and other things. It is a process of preparing fresh (if I can get them) vegetables, a meat, pasta or potatoes and making them into delicious dishes. And during this time of preparation, I must feed the cat and the dog - makes it easier on me. Then dog wants a 'treat' after she eats and cat wants outside. Really feels good to get all this going and get outside to water the plants, feed the birds and squirrels and SIT for a few minutes as I keep checking on the food cooking.

Sorry, how can I share my personal opinions and not get subjective?? :RpS_smile:

Okay, the kitchen can be an exercise room. Is that subjective enough?

Glad to have you on board, but I hope you are not as shy as your handle there says!