View Full Version : Parking 'jerk' faces revenge prank

08-01-2013, 02:43 AM

A driver repeatedly forced to accommodate a parking space hog has filmed his sweet revenge.

A disgruntled motorist has wreaked sweet revenge on a parking hog and posted a video of his hilarious his payback online.

Forced to put with the little black sports car packing across two bays every day, US officer worker and YouTube user crisp330 managed to parked his SUV in the adjoining car park with only a hair's-breadth between vehicles.

From a nearby office window, the Georgia man films to sports car driver returning to his vehicle to find he couldn't open the door.

"Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day," crisp330 wrote in his video description, "so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside his."

The middle-aged man can be seen wandering up to his luxury car and then contemplate his dilemma, calmy at first but then with a good deal of frustration.

He tries climbing through the driver's window and attempts several times to squeeze his girth across from the passenger set.

The cameraman and his colleagues can be heard giggling on the video and offering "advice" to the unsuspecting motorist.

Eventually he crawls backwards over the passengers seat and drives off in a huff.

"I bet you he will never park like that again," one of the office workers says.

The next day crisp330 posted a photo of the same sports car parked perfectly within its parking bay.

08-01-2013, 04:14 PM
Whoever had that video set it to private, but there are a few others on U-Tube.

I wonder how stressful it is to have a car like that and keep it nice? If you are going to double park it at least means the guy was thinking about it. I got out of my car the other day and there was a Porsche in the slot beside me that was in great shape. I would need a diet just to fit comfortably inside, but it seems every other week I come out somewhere and there is a new ding or dent I had never seen before.

I would be neurotic if I had to worry about that every time I went to the store. :pulling_hair_out: