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07-29-2010, 07:01 AM
Why pay some one else a lot of money when you can do it yourself. For years now I have been doing just that. Unfortunately, some of the advise given on many of the credit forums is most of the time inaccurate and will cost you in many ways. Most of the questions that I have seen on these forums was concerning the phone numbers of the collection agencies or who is a good attorney that can handle my case and not charge me but will get his fee from the settlement or what is the law and how does it protect me.

So, I made this program to help you to find the answers. IT is FREE.



08-03-2010, 08:10 PM
This is the new and updated version.


Are you trying to resolve issues with creditors, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus and other debt and credit related agencies? If so, feel free to use the sample letters to get started writing your own personalized letter to stop illegal and unethical collector harassment and abuse, negotiate lower payments with your creditors and to resolve many other debt and credit related issues.
Debt Dispute Letters

Collectors are calling demanding payment but the debt is not yours or you don't have the money to pay them!

Perhaps you've experienced some financial difficulty and cannot pay your debts, or maybe you now have a steady income and wish to resume making payments or settle a debt. Perhaps you already paid off a debt but now a new collector is calling demanding money for the same account. Whatever your situation, the best method for dealing with debt and credit issues is to put all correspondence in writing.

Use the free sample letters to draft your own letters for disputing debts that you do not believe are valid, to stop collection calls; to make payment or settlement offers; to inform collectors that you already paid a debt; inform collectors that you are judgment proof or that the statute of limitations (legal time limit to enforce a debt) has expired.
Creditor Dispute Letters

The free sample letters can help you inform creditors of a dispute over products or services purchased on credit or a complaint about billing errors.

Perhaps you've run into some financial difficulty and need to amend your current credit payment agreement. Use these sample letters to draft your own personal letters to resolve creditor-related issues.
Credit Report Dispute Letters

For disputing inaccurate, erroneous, outdated, misleading and unverifiable information in your personal credit reports.

When writing your own dispute letters, it's important to use specific words such as erroneous or outdated or unverifiable so the credit reporting agencies will be motivated to actually investigate your claim. Merely explaining why a debt was not paid might not constitute a dispute. You must give solid reasons to accept your written dispute, otherwise the credit bureau may just dismiss your dispute as frivolous.

Correcting your own credit files can be time consuming and frustrating but well worth the effort. Simple things like correcting personal information, having outdated information and unauthorized credit report inquires removed can dramatically improve your credit score.

Phone Scripts

You need to speak with creditors and collectors about your delinquent accounts but you become nervous and freeze up on the phone.

Dealing with delinquent accounts is difficult at best especially when asking creditors or collectors to accept a payment plan or a plan lower than what they are demanding you pay. Use the free sample letters to draft your own scripts for when you need to discuss delinquent accounts or negotiating lower payments
Also included is:

Attorney General contact info for every State.
Collection Agencies and their phone and fax numbers
Credit Bureau Contacts
Consumer Attorneys contact information for all States
Know Your Rights
Case Laws
Federal Court forms
Sample Letters you can use