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01-02-2013, 12:36 AM
Does anyone know what happened to the gents behind this short-lived fiasco?

Steve Gresham, Robert Bowen?

Well, I have just received final word as many of you have
already heard, founder and former company president Steve
Gresham (a man who I previously had great respect and
admiration for) has QUIT Better Universe to start a new
company. Not only that but he has also taken most of Better
Universe's funds with him leaving the company in financial

Here's the direct link to above. (http://www.whydowork.com/forums/better-universe-tanks-t12122.html)

01-02-2013, 01:35 AM

Savings Highway.com (http://www.place2.savingshighway.com/index.php?page=shabout)


Steve Gresham.com (http://stevegresham.com/)


01-02-2013, 11:06 AM
Two thoughts about this.

1. I wonder if all the fancier stuff in the pictures were bought by funds he scooped from the MCP accounts and ran away with.
1a. Who in their right mind would follow this guy into anything after he ran off with all the money from a previous venture?
2. His secrets of success are nothing more than the "Law" of attraction nonsense. More Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, Carnegie, Jack Canfield, etc....