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Doc Bunkum
08-05-2012, 12:05 PM
Yes, I know some of this material already exists in another thread.

But to do true justice to Sandie, I figure a separate thread about her misdeeds would make it easier for the search engines to pick up and index properly. :RpS_smile:

Billionaire evicts ex and kids at Christmas

A child hopes to stay in his home after his father recieves an eviction notice from his ex step mom (http://bookburninginamerica.blogspot.ca/2011/11/i-saved-one-of-blogs-thank-goodness-for.html)


My son wrote this letter right before Christmas in 2008. He was 9 years old at the time. When a little boy is that age, a few days before Christmas he should be dreaming of all the toys he is going to get on the “big day”, pining over the ones he might not get – and making sure he’s been a good boy all year so Santa doesn’t forget him. Not Korbin. Not that year.

Korbin disappeared down to his room right after dinner. My sweet little blonde haired son Korbin, who was usually jovial and fun-loving, who liked goofing off and watching re-runs of SpongeBob, was all of a sudden sullen. He reappeared back up into the family room a while later, with this piece of paper in his hand.

“Dad. I wrote Sandie a letter.”

He handed it to me. I quickly read it, and a tear welled up in my eye. I fought hard to hold it back.

“I thought maybe if I sent her a letter she wouldn’t take away our house.”

I fought back the tears. I knew I couldn’t cry in front of my youngest son, I didn’t want him to see my weakness. I put my arms around him and gave him a long hug. His tiny body was too young, his fragile little soul was too sweet to have to be experiencing this, stressing over this.

It had only been a day since the sheriff posted a “writ of execution” on our door, informing us that our home would be sold at auction to pay Sandie’s attorneys fees. Though I’d tried to keep it a secret, things of this magnitude just have a way of not being secret for too long, especially when it comes to kids.

Guess what?

Sandie was the one who bought the house at the auction.

And then sold it to a NuSkin employee for a nice tidy profit of $400,000 two months later.

Just another day in the life of Sandie Tillotson — ruining lives, taking things away from people, and making LOTS and LOTS of money on other people’s misery.

08-05-2012, 05:40 PM
Formerly Filthy Rich by Adam Baker (http://mlmfu.com/adambakersbook.html)

Erik was quiet, scratching at the back of his hand at a scab with his long, dirty fingernails. His face was so thin and pallid, it looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. I just sat there, looking at him, waiting for him to talk. It was a long, uncomfortable silence.
“I wanted to tell you why I didn’t come back to live with you after Turnabout.” Now he was itching his other hand, nervously. He never looked up. I waited for him to finish.

“It was because of Sandie. Something happened before she sent me away.” I wasn’t sure whether to interrupt, or let him keep on. He was silent.
“What happened?” I asked.

“She called me up to her room when you were gone one day” he said. “She said she found something in my bedroom and wanted to talk to me about it.”

“What did you do?”

“I went up to her room and she told me to close the door. When I turned around she had taken off her robe and was naked.”

“What?” I said. Erik stared at the floor, afraid to go on. I began to feel sick at what I might hear next, but I had to know.

“So what happened?” I said.

“She told me to walk over to the bed, so I did. I was scared. She walked up behind me and undid my pants, and then pulled down my boxers. She started touching me. . .”

“What the hell. . .”

“. . .Dad, she made me do stuff. And then she said that if I ever told anyone, she would kick my brothers and sisters out of her house, and we would live on the street. She said she would take everything away from us.”

I didn’t know what to say. I looked at my son, and remembered the story others had told me about two underage boys Sandie had molested in New York. Now I knew that wasn’t the case. The proof was right in front of me: the pain on my son’s face.

“Erik, I should have known. I am so sorry.” There was nothing I could say.

Erik sat there, empty. I felt like it was my fault, and that I should have known that something was going on. Erik changed in many ways during those years with Sandie, but I never suspected that she had abused him. I always thought he had gotten into drugs because he was a typical teenager and was hanging with the wrong crowd. Now I knew that he had gotten into drugs as an escape.

I had failed him as a father. I should have paid more attention to him and been around more. I had moved my sheep into the den of a wolf, and left them there unprotected.
That is simply heart wrenching. I can see why she wants to book swept under the rug. But, provided this is true, this story of the one at the top of MLM needs to be told.

Doc Bunkum
08-05-2012, 06:06 PM
But, provided this is true, this story of the one at the top of MLM needs to be told.

One has to consider the fact that if that story wasn't true, Sandie would have sued Adam's ass off in court.

The fact she didn't, and resorted to getting the book withdrawn instead, is indeed telling.

I don't think she wanted to end up in court and take a chance of having Erik telling his story on the witness stand.

Doc Bunkum
08-05-2012, 06:19 PM
Evictions at Christmas - A Holiday Tradition with Sandie Tillotson (http://bookburninginamerica.blogspot.ca/2011/11/evictions-at-christmas-favorite-holiday.html)

On several occasions, I heard her (Sandie) mention the unfortunate "Ron" Gratzinger. She spoke of Ron like a boss speaks of an employee that they had to "fire" several years back, with disdain and a hint of smugness. The "Ron" story was brought up often as an attempt to scare everyone and "warn" them, in not so many words, that this fate could be theirs, too, if they didn't all mind their p's and q's. As I look back, she enjoyed telling this story because she wanted to let everyone know how powerful she was - that with nothing but a "phone call" and not even a "shred of evidence", she held enough power to get a man locked in prison for months.

Who is this poor guy Ron Gratzinger, anyway? Well, like many of the "blacklisted" ones in Sandie's life, he was an ex-lover who, at some point in the relationship, no longer served her or was needed. Sandie had met another man, and quickly replaced "Ron" with another fellow as the "flavor of the month". Poor Ron, by the time she got home from her trip where she'd met this new Adonis, his stuff was already packed and on the front porch of her massive home. As a consolation prize, she offered to keep him "on the payroll" helping out with some landscaping and mowing around the house. The poor guy stuck around for longer than one would expect a guy with any self-worth would, but, being a pilot, he knew he could make some money with that trade.

He convinced Sandie to let him fly an aircraft over to the Cayman Islands and start a charter business. She agreed, happy to have him "out of her hair" so to speak. Besides, she would profit too from such a venture. Leases were signed, agreements were in place - and off he went, to start his new business.

Like Sandie does with all those in her "kingdom", she can't stand to actually see a person not "need" her or be "successful" without her controlling it every step of the way. Hushed whispers of the people who were around say that Ron started making a decent living with the charter business, to which Sandie quickly decided, she MUST put an end to it. Ron disagreed, and demanded that she abide by the lease they had in place.
Sandie was furious. Around the first of December, she called the authorities in the Caymans and reported the plane "stolen". By this point, she already had one of her "thugs" on the way to pick up the plane. Within hours the plane was back in the United States, and when poor Ron showed up to the airport that morning to commence his charter - to his surprise, he was "quietly" escorted into custody and charged with theft.

As Sandie gleefully recounts the story, Ron spent the entire month of December in custody in a federal prison. He did not get to see his children or any of his family at Christmas, which delighted Sandie to no end. She was all to happy to swoop in to pay a visit to his kids and bestow hundreds of dollars in Christmas gifts to Ron's kids, all the while insisting she had "nothing" to do with his incarceration, and feigning concern for his plight, all while keeping a straight face!

Mysteriously, after the first of the year, the charges were dropped against "Ron" and Sandie issued him the stern warning, that she was NOT to be screwed with, or questioned, or talked about, EVER. If he ever recounted the story to anyone else, or came back against her or her money in any way, she would drum up the charges again and he'd be back in prison quicker than she could snap her fingers.

The RON story always stuck with me, in the pit of my stomach, like eating a bad meal at a greasy diner that just never seems to digest.
It bothered me to no end that someone could be that EVIL. And it bothered me even more that my best friend, Adam, had fallen prey to her little game. Who wouldn't? The guy was human. We all would fall for the bait.

Indeed, what a wonderful, caring, warm hearted individual you are, Sandie!

Imagine, taking the time from your busy schedule at Christmas to pay a visit to Ron's kids and bestow hundreds of dollars in Christmas gifts on them!

08-06-2012, 10:54 AM
Sandie doesn’t seem to care that the information I heard from our daughter’s therapist, who warned me of Sandie’s serious emotional neglect of our child, not only had a serious impact on our child but on me too. In addition, for many years concerned nannies reported on one form of emotional abuse or another which too made it very hard for our child and myself. Sandie fired her property manager and ex-boyfriend, Ron F., after he told me how the arguments between Adam and Sandie affected our daughter. He was “concerned and just wanted me to know” and lost his job over it.

All the while I was powerless to do anything to change the situation simply because I lacked the money to fight her.
She ignored that I could have fought her over a lot of money in our divorce, and had I done so, none of this ongoing manipulation and abuse would have been possible. There would have been no reason for me to research and discover the real nature of the Nu Skin/Tillotson game.
This saga will never end until fairness and total exposure have been established, simply because that is what it seems to take to close this chapter of cultist, sociopathic, narcissistic behavior.

I am saddened to see a child caught up in this MLM nightmare.

Doc Bunkum
08-06-2012, 04:35 PM
This story must be added to the collection...

Evictions at Christmas - A Holiday Tradition with Sandie Tillotson - part deux (http://bookburninginamerica.blogspot.ca/2011/11/evictions-at-christmas-favorite-holiday.html)

A story I'll never forget (oh, how my memory bank is full to the brim of these) was a particularly chilling tale I heard Sandie tell once at a cocktail party.

After a few glasses of wine, and who knows what else, the conversation would get flowing and someone who didn't know Sandie very well would often ask how she "got her start."

Sandie relished this moment, as it came often, and I've heard as many versions from her "spieling" lips as I have hairs on my head... but only one version of the story chilled me to the core like this version did.

She likes to credit herself with inventing the "save the paupers from foreclosure" scam before the foreclosure crisis even came about.

She would get a list from her banker of homes that were in pre-foreclosure. She would meet with the families, and tell them that they could sign over the home to her, and she would bring all the payments current, and then all they needed to do was pay her "rent" to stay in their home. The best part was, once they got back on their feet, they could refinance and buy it back from her.

To a family about to lose their home, there was no downside! How could there be? This nice lady is offering to help, and bringing everything current! We can even buy the home back when we are ready!

Papers were already drawn up, and 99% of the time she left that initial meeting with a signed agreement. For some reason no one ever seemed to question or read the "paperwork" too carefully...if they had, they would realize that they had just signed over their home to the most unforgiving, heartless landlord they could ever imagine. One day late on your rent? You're gone.

This was all completely legal, of course, in fact Sandie thought the story was quite funny. After all, these people were the "idiots" who naively signed the papers without reading the details of the contract.

She would then proceed to tell the group of people at the party about how her favorite moment in real estate was when she evicted a single mother with five kids from her home on Christmas Eve.

Yes, Christmas Eve.


She laughs again, recounting the story about how the Sheriff asked the woman to leave, and the woman threw an "absolute fit" about having to leave without enough time to pack any of their belongings. Of course, she had a tree with presents under it and five kids to pack up - but, this was of little consequence to Sandie, because in an eviction, the Sheriff only has to give you FIFTEEN minutes to pack it all up!

So to make a point, the woman comes tromping out into the snow without any shoes on, then orders all of the kids to take their shoes off too as they walk to the car. "See kids, this woman doesn't even want us to leave with SHOES on our feet!"

Sandie would then laugh devilishly, as if this were the funniest thing she'd ever seen. I wondered if her poofy bleach blond hair was covering a set of horns.

I never found this story funny. In fact, there is NOTHING FUNNY AT ALL about evicting anyone, and especially, evicting a SINGLE MOTHER and her FIVE KIDS on Christmas Eve!

What kind of a person could actually do such a thing? Do you think Sandie went back up to her 10,000 square foot house on the hill and even gave this poor family a second thought? Or, maybe she was spending Christmas up at her $15 million dollar estate up in Deer Valley.

Either way, was I the ONLY person who was sickened by this story? I guess evictions on Christmas Eve are a Tillotson family pastime. So much for Secret Santa and Caroling!

08-11-2012, 01:45 PM
Ron G. was mentioned on Diederik's site at one point, but I can't find it anymore. If I remember correctly, Diederik said Ron called or emailed him saying that Sandie had communicated with him basically saying, "You better not be helping Diederik." Diederik called it intimidation of a witness or something along those lines.

Anyone else remember seeing this on his site?

Diederik was living with Sandie when Ron G was incarcerated. He tells a bit of a different story than up above. He said the kids and mom were brought to Sandie's home for Christmas and that D had no clue what had happened to Ron because Sandie "didn't know" either.

Sandie is a calculating sociopath:
   [soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-] noun Psychiatry
a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

I think it would be fun to have all Sandie's former lovers/husbands in one room and listen to them swap stories. Let's get them booked for the Jerry Springer show ASAP! lol

Doc Bunkum
08-11-2012, 04:16 PM
Ron G. was mentioned on Diederik's site at one point, but I can't find it anymore. If I remember correctly, Diederik said Ron called or emailed him saying that Sandie had communicated with him basically saying, "You better not be helping Diederik." Diederik called it intimidation of a witness or something along those lines.

Anyone else remember seeing this on his site?

This part?

Just weeks ago Sandie contacted Ron G. and did what can only be described as “intimidation of a witness.” She fears that he will tell what she did to him and expose her absurd, illegal and unethical use of her financial power.

That would be on the Update Archives (http://diederikvannederveen.com/update-archives) page.

Not sure if it's still up, but if not, it's easy to pull up from the cache.

Hope this helps, MLMFU!

Doc Bunkum
09-25-2012, 06:59 AM
There's some good material in the Comment section of the latest Salt Lake Tribune piece on this case.

Judge eases publishing restrictions on Nu Skin founder’s ex (http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/money/54934885-79/meerkerk-nederveen-tillotson-skin.html.csp#disqus_thread)

Like this one:

Regarding Sandie's claim that he is "going after her for money" I can attest that that is absolute nonsense. She made a few hundred million dollar while being married to him and he never demanded discovery to get his fair share he was entitled to. It was Sandie who used his weak financial position and abused him to no end using their daughter.

And this one:

... after arguing with Diederik over money and access to his daughter, it shows what a sick woman Sandie is. She not only didn't lose any money to speak of relative to her enormous income in their divorce, she blows millions on 24 cars, a yacht, several homes and 4 airplanes while still hustling Diederik over child support. I know this has already been mentioned, but lets be clear about how insane this is.

And this one:

In closing, I know for a fact from insiders I've spoken to that Sandie didn't "built" Nu Skin, she received a position as the token woman while her former husband Craig, his mother Clara and others built the business. She then fought over half the shares that only because of him had any value to begin with. Without Craig Sandie would be broke. So, for her to even think of filing a absolute frivolous lawsuit to stop Diederik from executing his right to sell his memoir is a sign of her delusional and vindictive nature. All he has been asking for all of these years is fairness, respect and harmony. And all she did is abuse him. Let there be no mistake, if this woman does one more thing to hurt him, or manipulate him a lot of evidence will flood the internet. We, his friends are sick and tired of this piece of work. She needs a mental make over and a slice of reality and we are about to give it to her. Also, her lawyers are a bunch of idiots who can't even read. To support and defend an deranged character like Sandie also speaks of their lowlife character.

01-28-2013, 06:27 PM
Has this drama ended or is it still ongoing as we speak? Anyone know?