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02-22-2012, 04:23 PM

The Fundraising Advantage from Advantage Conferences was one of the most hilarious ventures he undertook. Tim Darnell wrote more about it in his flop Slay Your Giant. As one can see the Dallas BBB and I are still here most decidedly unslain!

We will be raising $250,000,000.00 for qualified ministries thru 2010. I project substantially more - 1 Billion dollars from 2011 Ė 2015, all for ministries that are truly doing Godís work. How, you might ask? God has given us powerful techniques that raise huge amounts of money without our having to ask a single person to donate a dime. Yes, you heard me right. God gave me the job of raising millions of dollars for His glory and for the help of His children.

When I was given this mandate and vision called The Fundraising Advantage, I was on board without having a clue as to how this was going to be accomplished. When God tells me to do something (I hear the skeptics right now Ė Darnell youíre a nut), I donít ask questions and I simply trust God that He will show me the path. I know that in His time, his mission for me will be fully explained. And that He has done. I have been patient and calm, knowing that the whole project was Godís. It was and is totally in His hands.

The techniques are beyond anything I could ever have imagined, and most people can hardly believe it when I explain the power and rapidity with which we can put hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars into the ministryís coffers. Again, we call the program, The Fundraising Advantage.

Both his scheme to sell churches the $10,000.00 conferences and split the $7,000.00 commision between the rep and church and his stranger owned life insurance debacle blew up. So, The Fundraising Advantage raised exactly zero dollars. Yes, I said 0. Hilarious!


03-11-2012, 03:04 PM

It gets even funnier. Everyone should call and see if he answers the phone. Good time to teepee his house as he may be in need of toilet paper. As we know from other nonsense Tim has published and testimony under oath, he had to borrow toiletries from the neighbors.

His extended family wouldn't help it appears. If they couldn't keep him in toilet paper, how are they going to take care of his $97,265.17 tax lien and $8,000.00 tax lien for him. If he hadn't had income for 2 years from 2003-2005, think how desperate it must be now.

Advantage Conferences couldn't make payroll in June 2007 for its employees and quit paying rep commissions using the excuse inactive reps didn't deserve to be paid. The BBB had won the frivolous harassment suit Tim Darnell had filed as Advantage Conferences and garnished $10,000.00 from the company account leaving only $500.00. Tim Darnell then conned an 80 year old rep into loaning him $30,000.00. Darnell blew through that and wrote it off in the December 2009 bankruptcy. Since then he has been pushing BS like consulting services for reputation management and MLM phone spamming and Mazu Global. Again, he might appreciate the teepee!

So much for the success Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl promised:



03-11-2012, 05:01 PM
More running at the mouth by Darnell:


The Fund Raising Advantage made zero dollars, yes I meant 0. No conference was ever sold under this desperate attempt to lure in churches and charities. Not one church or charity touched this scam with a ten foot pole.

Tim Darnell and Jack Weinzierl were snowed under with refund requests and sued by a rep seeking to recover their money. It was such a loser of a deal Jack Weinzierl refunded his $7,000.00 dollar commissions to both his brother, Jerry Weinzierl (who was partnered in this scam with his own son AaronWeinzierl) and his paw-in-law, Alan Tannous. Tim made two full refunds for $10,000.00 to couples he feared could sue him I imagine. Tim and Jack made a partial refund to a pastor that was thrown out of his home by his wife and attempted suicide. Partial refunds were made to at least 4 other reps as the 3 court cases related to this scamference program show. More refunds were requested later in 2007, but Tim simply didn't have the money to fund them and changed the policy.

98% of the marks dragged in this conference pyramid scam lost money. Many of them were out thousands and thousands of dollars they could not afford to lose. I bet Darnell wishes he could make his Disneyland speeches disappear! Nothing but year after year of empty promises and pure fantasy spun by scammer Darnell!


03-11-2012, 09:10 PM

Was that think like a millionaire or think like a pauper??? How many thousands of dollars have his marks lost to this clown? How many people has he made the decision to stiff? How about his years as a nutbag tax protester? And, how about his decision to con an 80 year old rep out of $30,000.00 in 2007 long after it was apparent Advantage Conferences was imploding after his losing case against the BBB and the business account being garnished to satisfy the judgment against Advantage Conferences? Darnell's business and personal financial decisions are beyond mind boggling.

What about its nearly identical predecessor All Star Entrepreneur going bankrupt in 2004 after those same Millionaire Mindset Conferences? All that mentoring for years on end and he has nothing to show for it. His wrong choices have completely crippled him. He has never had an "amplified financial position." He is only eating because the wifey is gainfully employed. Unfortunately for their kids she can't possible pay off the tax liens and the delinquent property tax and they may soon have no home.

The stakes for Darnell are very high now. His tax evading shenanigans and decisions about money have put his home in jeopardy!!! And what of his marriage?

03-11-2012, 11:40 PM

Darnell has had visualizations of stalkers that don't exist (http://www.realscam.com/f11/jack-weinzierl-tim-darnell-fabrications-receiving-death-threats-being-stalked-soapboxmom-heather-dobrott-777/)and business opportunities that are not legitimate (http://www.realscam.com/f14/tim-darnells-treasures-kingdom-foundation-cottonwood-creek-baptist-church-769/). The clown thinks it is very fortunate he did not end up divorced or losing his home. Time will tell on that! Cathy Darnell may be a great physical therapist as he claims, but she is married to a dishonest dirtbag, and as she did nothing to stop the lies about the family receiving death threats and being stalked, she is complicit in his shenanigans. Funny how those claims of Darnell's family being threatened by me resulted in me being the only one in the Allen police station making a report. That says it all right there!

Cathy Darnell was quite amused when the subject of the slam site about me came up at the courthouse, but I wonder with their home in jeopardy and their reputations in tatters if she is still laughing? With all these hilarious things Tim Darnell has made public it must be horrifically embarrassing for any Darnell to show their face in public. Tim's theory that God is absolutely in control certainly is demonstrated by the fact he never has the success he so brazenly touts. Thanks to the truth being made public no others should fall victim to this perpetually destitute ding-a-ling! I intend to continue the work of exposing scams and uneconomic schemes. Amen!